Construction Update...
In July we provided an update on Hydra-Tech Pumps’ 8000 square foot addition we are adding to our existing facility. We are in the home stretch now – here is what has been completed since the last update.

  •  The concrete work is complete – all footers and floors poured.
  •  Building steel (walls and roof) all up.
  •  Test Pit completely formed.

Things remaining:

  •  Lighting / Electric, plumbing, airlines, and heaters.
  •  Garage doors.
  •  Final grading around the building.

The old Cinderella song goes “Don’t know what you got, till it’s gone”. Until this project we never associated the words of the song with our truck dock (we have been working without one for the better part of 3 months). No truer words were ever sung by an 80’s glam rock band as unloading and loading trucks without a truck dock has been challenging for our employees. But with the end in sight the hassle is well worth the end result.

There is much work to be done once the physical addition and all of the details are completed. We are excited to get moved into the new space and can’t wait to utilize it. One of the first tests for our new test pit will be to prove out our newly designed S8TC pump – designed to run off of a 74 horsepower power unit. The S8TC will add another distinctly different pump to the pump lineup that our customers can run with our popular range of 74 horsepower HPUs.

As is always the case, we are happy to have customers come through for a visit. If you will ever be in northeastern PA and have some time to stop by please let us know.
Pump of the Month - S4SCR
Hydra-Tech's S4SCR, 4 inch hydraulic submersible screw pump, is ideal for pumping high viscosity liquids such as crude oil, latex, molasses and refinery wastes. This pump uses a positive displacement screw impeller. When pumping lighter materials, the impeller acts as a centrifugal type providing high volume outputs. Combining this pump with our HT16 to HT35 power units, the S4SCR is capable of flows up to 900 GPM. The safe and variable speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical.
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