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Welcome to Promise Helpers' July 2020 newsletter. This month's theme is about the love of the Lord. His love is never ending, never fails, never withheld. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for loving us unconditionally.

The world is changing rapidly. Persecution of Christians IN AMERICA is on the horizon, yet we need to continue to be the Light of Christ in this dark, changing world. Jesus is coming soon! Stand firm, stand for Truth, show love to others, show your love for the One True God. The ONLY answer and hope is Jesus, and the way people can see the light of the Lord is through us, His children. Renew your mind and spirit every day with His Truth and Word. It is our weapon of destruction against the enemy. You are a blessing unto the Lord!

If at any time you need prayer, please contact Promise Helpers by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our Facebook page to leave a message. We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.
Overview for our July newsletter:

  • Info for Prayer Group Starting in Fort Worth
  • Our Next Retreat Update
  • Article, "Cali, Her Kittens, and The Lord" by Karla Maxwell
  • Awesome Music Video "The God Who Stays" by Matthew West
  • DIY Patriotic Clothespin Wreath
  • Promise Center's News
  • What's Happening in Your Area?
  • Our Contact Information
Information For Prayer Group in Fort Worth, TX
We are living in a tough time. So many negative, awful, scary things are happening all around us and it just does not seem to end. The only answer we have is to cry out in prayer to the Lord, asking Him to intervene, to show us what our part is, and plead forgiveness repentance and restoration for our nation.

I have been attending a weekly prayer group since January in Weatherford. We pray for our area and for our nation. This has strengthened me for the battle and is a powerful force in my life. Jim and I are feeling the calling to start something similar in our home for the Tarrant County area.

We do not have the details worked out yet, but it would be in the evening at our house which is near the 820/ I30 intersection in the southwest corner of Fort Worth. If you would be interested in joining us, contact me via email –  jubileedebbie@gmail.com  or by phone 817-694-0573 – I do not answer unknown numbers so just leave me a message and I will get back to you. Once we see what interest we have, we will work out the details.


Debbie Barber
We are working on another awesome Promise Helpers' Pursuit retreat, this time in the quaint town of Glen Rose, TX. Plan to come a few hours early before check-in to walk the downtown historic Square and enjoy the scenery of this well-known Texas town. The camp is practically around the corner from downtown, yay! This will be a new and exciting adventure for all of us, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord will do. It will be here before we know it, so be sure to mark it on your calendar.

October 2nd-4th, 2020

Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center
1102 NE Barnard St.
Glen Rose, TX 76043

$135 includes all meals and lodging
Registration will open in mid July

Cali, Her Kittens, and The Lord
by Karla Maxwell

Well, I never thought I would hear from the Lord by talking to a cat, but…. I did, lol. I live in a rural community, and my home has become a haven for cats; not by choice, they just seem to be drawn to us by some unforeseeable force of great magnitude. Years ago, the unforeseeable force of great magnitude brought us stray dogs. Thank goodness we do not have that still going on. For now, we have cats, cats, and more cats, and most of them have names. And for the record, I know there is no unforeseeable force of great magnitude drawing these creatures to my home… or is there??

We have over 20, yes over 20, cats right now. One mama cat had fourteen babies before we could catch her. Then another mama cat brought her seven babies to our house from another house that does not have the unforeseeable force of great magnitude for drawing cats. Two stray males, Mike and Steve, showed up (no big deal because they cannot have babies). But then.... Cali, a beautiful, street-smart and elusive Calico showed up.

Needless to say Cali and Mike have five babies almost two months old. Two kittens are NOT scaredy-cats AT ALL, one is semi-scared who is becoming more brave every day, one is scared unless Cali is around, and the fifth is constantly hiding because he is a COMPLETE scaredy-cat. 

One morning I was out looking for the scaredy-cat so I could hold him and get him used to people. I could not find him in any of his hiding places, so I just told him, “If you only knew how much we love you, you wouldn’t be afraid.” The Lord immediately said to me, “If people only knew how much I love them, they wouldn’t be afraid.” Wow! That is so true. The Lord loves us so much! He wants all of mankind with Him for eternity, yet man denies His love, or even denies He exists. The view of God is so warped and misguided by so many, they do not know the Truth. If people only knew…. That resonated with me for the rest of the day.

That same day, the Lord showed me something else while I observed Cali. I can tell by her actions Cali wants to be petted, but she will not allow anyone within arm’s reach because she is so afraid. She talks to you, comes running when she sees you, rubs her face on whatever object is closest to her (even another cat), yet she will not let any person get close enough to even touch her with their fingertips. She stays in her comfort zone and runs when that comfort zone is “compromised”.  People, both Christian and non-Christian, are the same way. We talk to the Lord asking Him for our prayers to be answered, yet we keep our distance at a comfort level that suits us. When the Lord attempts to draw us to Him, many people run out of fear or rebellion. His greatest desire is a personal relationship with us, His most prized creation. If we only knew how much He loves us.
Cali has a baby girl we call Cali J (J is my female version of Jr.) because she looks just like her mama. Cali J is bold. She has no fear.  She has been seen eating the adult cat food on the tall workbench table with all the adult cats. She does not let the facts that the other cats are 10x her size, or that she has to climb 3 ½ feet off the ground just to get to the food, stand in her way. In her eyes, she is just as big. Her attitude—I came, I saw, I conquered, just like David conquered Goliath. Holy Spirit gives us the strength, courage, and abilities we need to navigate through our daily lives and be used for His glory if we allow Him.

The semi-scared kitten that becomes braver everyday is my reminder that when we stay focused on the Lord, we will continue to spiritually grow, which is so vital during these unprecedented times. There is a monumental shift taking place in the spirit realm. The battle between good and evil is ramping up as never known before. For the first time in American history, the persecution of Christians is evident in our great land that was founded on Christian values with the desire to worship our Lord and Savior according to His will. If the Church does not stand up, does not increase in strength, it is inevitable our rights as Christians will be taken away, and church gatherings deemed as a threat to society.

For the kitten that is scared unless she is with her mama, it serves to say we have no reason to fear because we, as believers and followers of Christ, have Holy Spirit with us wherever we go. He is there fighting our battles when we trust Him, He keeps us safe, He guides us where we should go. He is our Comforter, Healer, Provider, and we can rest in His arms knowing all is well even in these difficult times.

I long for the day that I can have a relationship with Cali and her kittens, not just an acquaintanceship; a relationship where they can rest in my arms and feel safe. Oh, how the Lord longs for a relationship with EACH OF US, not just an acquaintanceship, but a deep meaningful relationship where He can hold us, talk with us, love us… but we cannot keep running from Him. Be bold like Cali J. Do not let fear or doubt overtake you like it overtakes my scaredy-cat that runs away. Know the Lord loves you more than you will ever know. He is WHO and WHAT the world needs. The world is running scared now, looking for a safe haven. Will you show them the way?

To God be the Glory!

P.S. If you would like to share the goodness of the Lord during this unprecedented difficult time, click the "Share" button below to send an email to Promise Helpers, or leave a post on our Facebook page.

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Music Video "The God Who Stays"
by Matthew West
DIY Patriotic Clothespin Wreath
Step 1. Gather the following supplies:

  • One 12-inch box wreath frame
  • 64-100 clothespins (The number of clothespins will depend on the size of your wreath. Our 12″ wreath used 64 clothespins.)
  • Red, white and blue spray paint
  • 10 wooden stars
  • White craft paint
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Hot glue gun
  • String or ribbon for hanging the finished wreath

Step 2. Spray paint the clothespins red, white, and blue.

Spray paint the clothespins by attaching them to the flaps of a cardboard box. I ended up using three boxes — one for each color — then set them aside to allow the pins to fully dry.
Step 3. Spray paint the wire wreath frame red, white, or blue.
Step 4. Paint the wooden stars white.
Step 5. Clip the clothespins to the wreath.

Once all the pieces are fully dry, begin assembling the wreath.
Start by clipping one pin to the two center “bars”, or bar two and three of the frame. Then place the next pin on the two bars closest to the center of the frame, or bars three and four.
Make sure to alternate between red and white for the “stripes” and then add a section of blue clothespins where the stars go.

S tep 6. Attach the stars to the blue clothespins.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the white stars to the blue clothespins.

Step 7. Use a wreath hook to hang the finished wreath.

You can make your wreath for any season or design by using different paint colors and glued-on items (Easter, floral, Christmas)
Promise Helpers' outreach center, Promise Center in Clyde, TX, is open and is currently receiving online applications for needed assistance and conducting phone interviews for those who qualify for assistance. The grocery donors for Promise Center's food bank do not currently have supplies to donate, but Promise Center is trusting God and His provision. There has been an increase in calls and messages at the center for ministry. The Lord is moving mightily amidst these prophesied times. Please pray for Promise Center as they continue to navigate through this difficult time of much needed service and outreach.

And be sure to checkout Promise Center's Facebook page, and "Like" them on Facebook while you are at it! Click the "Visit Promise Center's FB Page" below.

Your continued prayers and much needed financial support are appreciated as Promise Center reaches the lost, hurting, those in need physically and spiritually.

You can contact Promise Center at (325) 893-3777 or Facebook
What's Happening In Your Area
Promise Center
Phone Number (325) 893-3777

Cross Plains
Tuesday 2nd and 4th evenings Bible study 6:30
Conducted outside on Connie's patio
Contact Connie Kirkham

No activities at this time
Contact Alicia Cortez 

Parker/ Wise /Tarrant Counties 
Working to establish a prayer group
Fort Worth
Contact Debbie Barber
Contact Us
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Our mailing and physical addresses:

PO Box 1104
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Promise Helpers is a non-profit Christian ministry for women that seeks to help women experience the fullness of God’s purpose and promises for them. Our desire is to bring women to a place of personal wholeness so they can bring wholeness to their marriages, homes, families and communities. Promise Helpers is women ministering to women, reminding one another of the promises of God and encouraging one another to implement those promises into their daily lives. The foundation of Promise Helpers is prayer, for apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing.