Welcome to Brain Injury Awareness Month!
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March 2021 Newsletter
Since 2014 Dedicating Resources To Athletes For Brain Healing and Brain Health Resulting From Sports Related Concussions.
March Message
Welcome to March, the National Brain Injury Awareness month! We hope this finds you and yours in great health and are embracing invigorating ways to thrive. Unfortunately during the past 12 months both sports and recreational communities (youth to professional) have had to adjust their routine play or competition protocols due to Covid. With that being said and thanks to your support, OneHitAway Foundation has never been busier servicing athletes affected by the ill effects of sports related concussions. During this unusual time many athletes have been isolated, which has magnified the symptoms of their “invisible injury”. The OHA team understands the challenges associated with this situation and the impact it has on injured brains, thus our team is even more determined to assist those affected by sports related concussions. 
Yes, having the resources to plant the vital seed for brain healing and future brain health is our daily goal for individual athletes and or teams. Let us all recognize the message of March. March is traditionally a month of optimism, which initiates spring sporting activities surrounded by sunshine and great health. Together we will continue our vital work!

All affected athletes deserve a healthier brain if given the choice and proper information.

We Honor Your Partnership in Making This Happen!
One Wave Away

Athletes of all ages are enjoying nature’s magical waves and now taking up surfing. For those who have been enjoying surfing since their youth and competing at the highest levels, you know much about this revealing article of which OneHitAway Foundation is highlighted multiple times. OHA’s intern Audrey Lambidakis is a professional surf photographer of which her picture is showcased in this article. Enjoy learning about the physical realities within this majestic sport. Also, big kudos goes out to the author (Jim Seimas | Santa Cruz Sentinel) of this article, as it uncovers the proven options for brain healing for the surfing community. 

Read This Fabulous Article

Also - Check out Audrey's website for those suffering from TBI !

Tanner, A Big Wave Surfer Extends His Sincere Thank You To OneHitAway Foundation.

View his brief and gracious testimonial video clip.
Brain Injury Awareness Month.

As you have heard, “If I was only aware…”. Well this is the main reason the Brain Injury Association of American has put a stellar effort in this awareness / education campaign for the United States. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read about the facts associated with brain injuries. 

Go To This Link To View This Timely Information

Ok I admit I may be suffering from a past brain injury…..but now what?” Ah, you will notice one vital component that is missing for readers affected by brain injuries.... there are no suggested avenues for brain healing / health protocols mentioned. Even though that is the case, OHA is so thankful this awareness campaign reveals the realities which validates many looking for brain healing answers. 

OHA stands ready to fill in these important blanks for
sports related participants.
OneHitAway Ambassadors / Website

High School & College campuses are starting to buzz again! Whether in a hybrid structure or on campus, students and teachers are slowly coming together again. This is fabulous news! The importance of “peer to peer” communication and discussions are vital for students, especially when they are unsure as to where they should go for answers about not feeling like themselves since their concussion(s). This is exactly why the OHA Ambassadors created the OneHitAwayAmbassadors website. Thanks to OHA’s Ambassadors - students who may be challenged by the ill effects of sports related concussions now have a safe place to reference and or call for brain healing / brain health information and options. 

This is the only site of its kind in the nation, so please don’t be shy in offering this up to any and all decision makers that you may know at high schools and colleges, such as trainers, teachers, coaches, team docs, etc. - They need our support and information! 

Students deserve answers during this important time of their lives. 
OneHitAway Foundation’s 7th Annual Charity Event
Our team is carefully planning our event(s) for 2021. Looks as though Covid protocol clarity may allow us a chance to safely gather again by the Fall….golf, dinner, auction, etc? Knowing that we may not have the pleasure to host 190 or so, we are looking to also add a fun virtual event for all supporters /followers prior to the intended Fall get together. Stay tuned and do note that your financial support is currently needed while we finalize our event plans. Thank You! 
Great Reads for Brain Health

The Brain Health Magazine : This magazine is a pleasant surprise relative to the topics they cover and the up-to-date information they discuss for brain health. OneHitAway applauds their editorial committee and staff for the clarity of their timely and important information. Enjoy this non-profit's work and shared passion.

Doc, I Want My Brain Back: Another incredible story about the brain healing facts of utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
Brain Healing for OneHitAway Foundation Recipients like Tanner's story above is only made possible by your generous donations. 
Your gift and generosity is greatly appreciated!
Brain Healthy Treat - Banana Almond Smoothie
1 cup hemp or coconut milk
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2/ tsp chia seeds
1 tsp maca
Blend and Enjoy!
OneHitAway Understands Your Brain Can Change Your Game
To Better Brains!
Jill, Darren & Brett Cde Baca



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