Your OneHitAway Summer Update!
OneHitAway Foundation
June 2021 Newsletter
Since 2014 Dedicating Resources To Athletes For Brain Healing and Brain Health Resulting From Sports Related Concussions.
Summertime Message... This Summer Newsletter is a fitting way to kick-off our Eighth Year of dedicating resources to those athletes affected by the ill effects of sports related concussions. Even though Fall sports may be a summer away and spring sports are completed, that doesn't mean there are not further chances to injure our brains while engaging in our favorite recreational activities. Riding bicycles, pool parties or even rearranging furniture, all present chances for head injuries and concussions. Traditionally, summertime is filled with great outdoor memories, so keep your brain healthy and fit. If you find the need to reach out to us or pass our work on to another individual and or team, do know we are here for you! 
As OneHitAway Foundation initiates its 8th year, we have
Eight Promises to OHA recipients and to our supporters.

  1. OHA works with affected athletes of all ages and sports.
  2. We utilize donations and grants to maintain our mission in providing financial and brain healing resources (upon need) to affected athletes suffering from sports related concussions.
  3. We provide timely brain healing / brain health education and support through our National Ambassadors and the (YSOP) Youth Sports Outreach programs.
  4. We work with the recipients' supporting staff (doctors, trainers, parents, families, schools, etc) through their customized brain healing protocols.
  5. We provide timely brain healing / health information to our supporters, followers and recipients via our website, newsletters, fundraiser events, and social media.
  6. We partner with other brain healing/brain health organizations (non-profit and profit) for the purpose of achieving the best options for athletes affected by this "invisible injury."
  7. We work to form strategic partnerships and education with supporting sports organizations (youth to pro) that provide governing oversight to their participating athletes.
  8. The OHA Team, consisting of its Board of Trustees, Medical Advisory Council, Sports Advisory Council, Strategic Brainiacs and Ambassadors continue in their pursuit of leveraging OHA's programs among their centers of influence (COIs).

OneHitAway Understands Your BrainCan Change Your Game
Save The Date - September 23, 2021!
OneHitAway Foundation’s 7th Annual Charity Event
With great enthusiasm, our team is carefully planning our in-person event for September 23, 2021 at GreenHills Country Club in Millbrae, CA. This gathering will include 50+ golfers and additional 70+ for the evening's rewards, dinner, and auction events. Registration details will be forthcoming soon!
Note: If you and or your company is interested in sponsoring segments (hole-in-one prizes, refreshments, food, auction items, etc. ) for this great event, please let our team know by emailing us at and we will make that happen :)
We Are So Grateful of Your Support!
OneHitAway 8th Podcast
Today's Technology for Brain Healing - rTMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with Dr. Jason Keifer

A fascinating discussion with Dr. Jason Keifer of that will both educate and excite you about this available technology of TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and its undeniable brain healing results. Yes, much like the electrical system in the heart, the brain can be in a state of arrhythmia associated with symptoms. Brain arrhythmia is at the root of many conditions, such as anxiety, depression, post-concussion, PTSD sleep problems, ADHD, headaches and more. Enjoy learning about the possibilities of the brain once it regains its synchronized state.
One Wave Away - Surfline Magazine

Big thanks to our surfing world record holder Shawn Dollar (OHA Sports Advisory Council) for relentlessly working to help his community on this topic! The surfing community is discovering OneHitAway Foundation and the possibilities for their athletes. These ocean loving athletes are in the midst of multiple contacts into the water / waves with their heads / necks, which cause the “invisible injury” to reveal itself. This article interviews our co-founder and mentions OneHitAway many times throughout. Enjoy the read…we have many surfboards to repair! 
The OneHitAway Aloha Fund

The Aloha Spirit of supporters in Hawaii requested that OneHitAway Foundation set up a fund for athletes affected from sports related concussions who reside in the state of Hawaii.

The Aloha Spirit is the coordination of mind and heart within each person and is also an expression of love and affection. In doing so, we can offer more brain healing / brain health options to Hawaiian family members that are negatively affected by this “invisible injury".  All contributions to the Aloha Fund will be pooled and directed by OneHitAway Foundation accordingly only to those athletes who reside in Hawaii. ​Together we can secure vital funds for the benefit of those dedicated athletes of all ages and sports in the aloha state. Mahalo!
Hawaii ESPN 1420 Gives National Shout-Out for
OneHitAway Foundation

May 14th Artie Wilson of Hawaii ESPN1420 Artie Wilson OnPoint shares with his audience that OneHitAway Foundation is the non-profit to call if in need.
The OHA mention starts at the 48:30 minute mark of this informative show...Enjoy!
Brain Healing / Brain Health Reads
Waking Up In The Sea, By Derek Dunfee: I go into detail about surfing and chasing big waves, I also open up about how the concussions and trauma I suffered from big wave surfing impacts me everyday. You’ll have a better understanding of why I don’t surf big waves any more. I’ve never told this particular story+ I’m excited to share.
Concussion Discussions, By Amy Zellmer: A Functional Approach to Recovery After Brain Injury. Twenty experts share their advice and experience working with patients with brain injury.Brain injury survivors can THRIVE in their recovery, often after traditional medicine has left them struggling for answers. Learn how innovative modalities can address your symptoms: headaches, dysautonomia, eye tracking, brain fog, dizziness, thyroid disorders, and more....
Recent Testimonial from a OneHitAway Recipient.

OneHitAway changed my life. After a course of TBI treatment, the fog has lifted. My migraines are now once every three months instead of weekly. I am working and parenting effectively. I am a functional member of society again. The support and direction provided by OHA was exactly what I needed. I will forever be grateful for the amazing care provided by this remarkable team. R. K.

Your gift and generosity is greatly appreciated!
Brain Healthy Treat - Hazelnut Smoothy
3/4 cups coconut water
1/4 cup whole hazelnuts (with or without skin)
1 heaping tablespoon raw cacao powder (not cocoa)
4 Medjool dates, pitted
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
A handful of frozen cauliflower
6 large ice cubes

Instructions: Combine the water, hazelnuts, cacao powder, dates, and vanilla in a high-speed blender, and blend until smooth. Drink Up and Enjoy!
OneHitAway Understands Your Brain Can Change Your Game
To Better Brains!
Jill, Darren & Brett Cde Baca


OneHitAway Foundation is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is self-sustaining, depending solely on donations for funding its mission. All proceeds raised go directly to providing education, support and resources for those in need of brain healing and brain health as a result of sports-related brain injuries.
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