April 2020

The last thing any of us may want to read right now is about the COVID 19 pandemic. However, it is a reality that it has impacted all ways of life and living in today's world.

A bizarre reality is that shelters, drop-in centers, and many of the resources designed to benefit LGBTQ youth may not be open and available due to coronavirus reduced schedules or closures.

It has never been more critical that resources designed to educate families about their LGBTQ children be available and do the tasks that they are designed to do.

AFCI works to keep families together in safe and accepting homes. Understanding why some people are gay (LGBTQ) is the first step toward acceptance, support, and love.

AFCI is capable of maintaining its online presence with FREE resources to help build understandings and acceptance over the next few months as this pandemic runs its course.
Kellett Grant Update

AFCI (Understanding Gay) has nearly completed two major tasks made possible from the generous donations of AFCI supporters and a grant from The John Steven Kellett Foundation.

This past January, Understanding Gay was able to hire a professional videographer and video producer to film five presentations that will enhance and supplement the resources at www.understandinggay.org.

Sara Fernandez, one of the AFCI board members, has been working with the raw footage and is in the process of creating video clips that will soon become visible within the AFCI resources on the Understanding Gay websites.

Additionally, grant funding has been used to optimize the Understanding Gay websites. Look for more information about this in the May newsletter.
Shareable Links

There are a lot of resources available on the Understanding Gay site. Here are some shareable chunks that can be used when sharing and recommending the resources that are available at Understanding Gay (AFCI).
AFCI is wholly dependent upon financial contributions of donations in order to continue and support the work and online resources.

Help reduce rejection of LGBTQ youth by educating families and those who work with them through your support of UNDERSTANDING GAY (AFCI).
For all questions or inquiries related to AFCI, including interest in our educational programs or speakers, please contact us directly.
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