September 2020

We are very pleased to announce that the UNDERSTANDING GAY website has been reformatted and is now up and live. We hope that the new format is more readily accessible to everyone trying to find answers to their questions.

Please take a look and share links to those that might benefit from these resources.

(These resources are being made available in Spanish and the pages are currently "under construction" at our soon to be completed site at QUE SIGNIFICA GAY.)


If you have a gay (LGBTQ+) child, know that you are not alone.
  • In the United States there are approximately nine million gay people.
  • About nine out of every one hundred people are gay.
  • Eighteen million parents have a gay child.


As you find some of your work taking place in an online environment, remember to keep the UNDERSTANDING GAY resources in your "bag of tools" in helping families of LGBTQ+ people to understand, accept, love, and support them.

Spend a few moments exploring the web resources so that you can share links to particular sections with those with whom you interact and help.

We have made our brochures available electronically so that you can share them in your virtual interactions as well.

There are a lot of resources available on the Understanding Gay site. Here are some shareable chunks that can be used when sharing and recommending the resources that are available at Understanding Gay (AFCI).
AFCI is wholly dependent upon financial contributions of donations in order to continue and support the work and online resources.

Help reduce rejection of LGBTQ youth by educating families and those who work with them through your support of UNDERSTANDING GAY (AFCI).
For all questions or inquiries related to AFCI, including interest in our educational programs or speakers, please contact us directly.
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