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You may be asking yourself, what the h*ll is happening? First there's a pandemic and everyone is asked to stay inside. And now we're feeling the tension of race relations and people are getting killed.

Some of you may be feeling a little 'off' asking yourself, "when is life getting back to normal?" Life will not be the same as we know it, and frankly, there were a lot of things not working anyway.

Currently we're experiencing eclipses that started at the beginning of June with the last one on July 4th. The next one is June 20th/21st during the New Moon in Cancer.

Since last June/July, we're experiencing a 5th dimensional energy. You may be asking yourself, what the heck is an eclipse and 5th dimensional energy? And/or how is this impacting me?

In today's v-log, learn how to work with these current energies and they're impacting you. You'll also see a pattern and start to understand why we're experiencing quarantine, race relations, and the current political climate.

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