Join us Thursday, September 22, 2022

for our RSFbpw Luncheon

LOCATION: Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club

5827 Via De La Cumbre, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

11:15 AM -1:30 P.M.


Does anyone else feel like July and August flew by at record speeds? Ready or not, here comes all the pumpkin spice and holiday decorations, which means that December will be here in literally no time at all! Let's take some time to pause and reflect on the successes we have had this year already, big or small, and be proud of all of the accomplishments you have had thus far! Also, take a moment to think about the path ahead... What are the small actions you can start taking now that will lead up to big results by the the end of the year? What are the barriers you can remove for yourself and your team to be successful? Rather than focusing on challenges and problems, concentrate on finding solutions! Don't forget to show your gratitude for the people supporting you along the way and give yourself grace if life has thrown roadblocks that have derailed you. I want to thank each of you for showing up for each other this year and helped make Our group so special! I truly enjoy seeing all of your beautiful faces every month :) Happy Fall y'all!!!

Please don't forget to invite a guest to join us.


Jill Harris

Your 2022 President

Jill Harris
RSFBPW President
JHarris Insurance Services

Play in our September Charity Gift Raffle

Join us at our September Meeting and bring a Raffle Prize Donation.

As a member, you can bring a gift of $25.00 or more to donate to our Charity Gift Raffle. Gifts can be gift cards, gift baskets, gift certificates that have a face value of at least $25.00.

The gift cards or certificates may not be a discount for a product or require that the winner purchase something in order to use the gift card or certificate. Please note, a member's published book is not allowed as donation.

When you bring a raffle donation, you will automatically receive 5 extra raffle tickets.

Buy Raffle Tickets to win a Raffle Gift.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at the meeting. Prices are 5 tickets for $5.00, 10 tickets for $10.00 and 21 tickets for $20 dollars. You can purchase tickets with cash, PayPal or Venmo.

Our Charity for 2022 is Humble Designs. Read the information below to learn more about Humble Designs. During the holiday months we donate money to our charity of the year. Let's have fun and help to support Humble Designs this year!

You can also donate via our website when you register for the meeting. 

Our September Speaker 

David M. Knoll

Helen Knoll Foundation


David is the Founder of the Helen Knoll Foundation, a 501C3 charity in memory of his late wife, Helen. As a father, he watched his teen-age daughters cope with this new breast cancer paradigm. His daughters were given sympathy from the Medical community and told to “wait and see” until age 40. This wasn’t acceptable. David knew that there must be pro-active ways to prevent breast cancer and stop it before it starts.

David is a native San Diegan and attended Harvard University with a major in biological science. Here he took his first course in the biology of cancer. After a year of minor league baseball, he completed a Master of Science degree in Biology and Civil Engineering at San Diego State University. It was here that he met Helen, a nursing student, and they married in 1982. 

After working in an engineering consulting business, David decided to pursue his passion for photography and started Ivy League Photography. Through education and print competitions, David earned the Professional Photographer of America Master’s degree and photographic craftsmen. This is earned by less than 10% of all professional photographers. He has been a Master Photographer for over thirty years.

He was married for 23 years, when his wife Helen died in 2006 at the age of 48 after a 10 year battle with of breast cancer. At the memorial service, the Helen Knoll Foundation was started in her honor; to make sense of losing a mother of two daughters. The daughters, Laura and Christi, were deeply affected by her death and a fearful legacy of breast cancer in their future. 

To counteract their family history, David and the Helen Knoll Foundation scoured the research and found a remarkable statistic; less than 10% of breast cancer is genetic and the rest is lifestyle behaviors and choices that could be managed. This became the mission of the Helen Knoll Foundation of advocacy for young women, lowering risk factors and, importantly, changing one's behavior could cut the risk in half. He is excited by UCSD's cancer research and over 200 peer reviewed papers discovering that optimal levels of Vitamin D3 can reduce the occurrence by 77% and reoccurrence by 50%.

David has remarried to his present wife, Susie, and lives in Escondido. Retired from photography, he continues using his energy in pursuing the prevention of breast cancer and creating their college/high school outreach program to educate and empower young women, significantly lower risk and live a future with hope, not fear.

September  22 Luncheon Menu



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for lunch and meeting


Napa Spa Buffet

  • Chef's choice of Soup
  • Chef's choice of Green Salad with dressing
  • Chef’s Choice of Seasonal Vegetables
  • Chef's choice for a Fish Dish
  • Chef's choice for a Meat Dish
  • Chef's choice of Grain
  • Assorted Bread, Butter
  • Chef's choice of dessert


Veggie Power Bowl

  • Brown rice,
  • Avocado,
  • Grilled brocollini,
  • Brussel sprouts,
  • Chimichuri
  • And a trip to the soup and salad Nappa Buffet bar

DRINKS: Soft drink, Ice Tea, Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Coffee, Tea.

Members: $45 and Guests $50

Go to the RSFBPW website and click on RSVP now to choose your meal. Select whether you are a guest or a member. If you have questions, please email Beppie Mostert

Unless you have a serious health challenge there are no special requests except gluten free, dairy-free, vegan, no dressing or dressing on the side. 

Email Beppie at

or call/text:(858) 243-0505

NOTE: All reservations will close at 5 PM on August 11, the Thursday before the event, due to supply chain demands.

Click here to register for lunch and meeting

To cancel your reservation, please call or email Beppie Mostert at (858) 243-0505 before 5 PM on Thursday, September 15. All special requests must be made prior to the meeting at the time of reservation. See lunch choices section for special requests requirements. Cancellations after September 15 are non-refundable.

Our September Birthday Girls

Our September Birthdays!!!

Please wish Happy Birthday to:

9/14 Elaine Bryan

9/30 Cheryl Giustinianolaine Gallager August 2

Julie Hetherington August 8

Gerda Snell August 14

Diana Tracy August 18

Laurie Hopps August 20

Betse Bernstein August 26

2022 Calendar of Meetings

Mark your calendar for the RSFbpw meetings and luncheons in 2022!

September 22 - (4th Thursday) RSF Golf Club

October 19- (3rd Wednesday) RSF Golf Club

November 17- RSF Golf Club

December 15- RSF Gold Club

These dates are set by the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club based upon scheduled golf tournaments. We are graciously appreciative that we are able to use the Club, but the golf tournaments are their first priority over our non-profit group. We appreciate your flexibility when we need to change our meetings to another day of the week or another week.

Board Members & Leadership Volunteers


Jill Harris 


Past President:

Beppie Seinen Mostert



Beppie Seinen Mostert

Recording Secretary:

Dana Green


Dr. Deena Stacer

VP Membership: 

Sandi Marvich

VP Programs: 

Katherine Zacharias

Emotional Support Chair

Lori Brenckman

Lori Brenckman
Tammra Graves
Michelle Miller
Roohi Darugar
Kristine Ferguson
Sandra Rogers
Andi Frimmer

Inspirational Leaders: 
Lori Brenckman,
Dr. Deena Stacer
2022 RSFbpw Charity

Contact Beppie Mostert to schedule a time to visit the warehouse, donate items or to volunteer.

Beppie Mostert at (858) 243-0505 email her at Beppie Mostert

Laura Lavoie is the City Director of Humble Design San Diego, a nonprofit serving families, individuals, and veterans leaving homelessness by transforming their empty houses into personalized, professionally-designed homes filled with furniture and home goods donated by the community. (Think HGTV for people who need it!) More than a makeover, it’s a start over. And, it works. Nationally, nearly 50% of people who leave homelessness return to the shelters or the streets within a year. But 97% of Humble San Diego clients remain in their homes. Simply put, Humble Design changes lives for good.

Bring a New Member & Receive a $20.00 Gift Card
Win a $20.00 Gift Card of your choice when your guest joins as a member of RSFbpw!

RSFbpw is hosting a New Members-Friendship Referral Contest through the end of December 2022. Our membership is based on building relationships first and business relationships second. We want you to have more friendships and more business referral relationships at RSFbpw. For every visitor you bring to RSFbpw who joins as a new member, we will gift you (or an organization of your choice) a $20.00 gift card of your choice.

Our group is open to any woman who lives in San Diego County. We have up to 3 members per category. Invite business women, friends and referral partners to join us. We require guests to attend two meetings within a 3-month period of time prior to submitting their application for membership. The Board reviews the application the following month at the Board meeting.

Questions: Contact our Membership VP Sandi Marvich at MSMARVICH@GMAIL.COM
If you are interested in volunteering as a Greeter for the meetings in 2022 please contact our President, Jill Harris.
Our Mission
OUR MISSION: To encourage, support and motivate each other to achieve professionally, to develop our true potential as women, and to have fun in the process. 

If you have a colleague who you think would enjoy being part of our professional group, please bring them as your guest. For more information about becoming a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Business & Professional Women's Association, please visit our web site at We are a diverse group of women so be sure to check out all the members' profiles on the member's page of the website! 
Business Attire and Etiquette For the Club
As visitors to the RSF Golf Club, please be aware that we are expected to wear appropriate business attire while at the club and attending the meetings. Low cut outfits and jeans are not permitted. Additionally, the Club asks us not to use our cell phones to make or receive telephone calls while inside the building. If you receive a call you must take please step outside to complete your call. You may text if you have silenced your notifications and sounds, and we encourage taking photos of our members during our meetings.
Membership Benefits
As a Member of RSFBPW:
Your contact and business information is placed in our directory, as well as on our website in the membership section. Please remember to update your information whenever it changes, including new photos and logos. You are invited to participate in the monthly drawing for members only by bringing and talking about your donation during the drawing portion of our meeting. You can place your items for sale on 1/2 of a table located in the back of the room before and after our monthly meetings, from January through October. You should arrive around 10:30 a.m. to secure your half-table. You can share a 20 second commercial during our meetings. You can apply to speak at our member's showcase, some restrictions apply. You can post announcements for your products, services or events on our Facebook Business Page and participate in our LinkedIn Group page.

Monthly speakers are the only ones allowed to place their information on the luncheon tables during our meetings. Due to the size of our membership, we are unable to send out group emails to all members regarding a special event or announcement you may want to share with members. Be sure to post your announcement on our Facebook Business Page. Thank you. 
Quick Links
Shout-Outs and Testimonials
We may run out of time at our meetings to share our testimonials for each other's services, products, and community announcements. We encourage you to write your praise and mail an email or note to the member who you want to applaud. Send your friends a special email sharing your testimonial about the member you are highlighting. Post your Shout-Out on our RSFBPW Facebook page and on your own FB page.

We offer Shout-outs and testimonial time at the end of many of our meetings, however it depends on the time left after our speaker has concluded their presentation. We do not offer testimonial time at our November and December meetings because of the length of the program. We encourage you to pass out your information, flyers, handouts and community announcements during the open networking time which is between 11:15 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. 

You may also want to use your 20 second commercial time during the meeting to share your business event or announcement with the group and invite interested members to pick up a flyer with more details in the back of the room. Thanks for cheerfully working with us!
A Gentle Reminder about Spamming RSFbpw Members
Members and visitors must individually ask each member for permission to place them on any form of mass communication-email blasts, newsletter lists, U.S. Mail lists or group texts. Without each member's individual permission, we consider this type of communication to be an act of spamming. To build long-term relationships with members please write personal notes and emails first and after developing rapport, ask these members only for permission to place them on your mailing list. Thank you for your cooperation.  
Join Our Mailing List
If you are interested in becoming a member of our women's Rancho Santa Fe, Business and Professional Women's Association, you must attend two meetings as a visitor, then apply for membership. We have 3 members per category, and if the category is not filled, you can submit the application to one of our board members for consideration. If the category is filled, we encourage you to continue to attend our meetings and network with our members. You can apply when the position opens. Any questions about membership, Contact Director of Membership Sandi Marvich at MSMARVICH@GMAIL.COM or call 619-886-9568.