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Sunday, July 28, 2019
What You Need To Know For Race Day
Greetings! we hope you're excited for the 2019 Solana Beach Triathlon!

Please read ALL information within this email. Racers are responsible for knowing their race course and USA Triathlon Rules. Note - BOTH the run & bike courses require TWO LOOPS for ALL Racers - Please See Maps Below
Race Preparation
Packet Pickup
Packet Pickup Times & Locations
All athletes  must attend ONE pre-race check-in. Pick up your race materials either Friday or Saturday. If you miss packet pickup, and do not have the VIP package, you will be required to pay a $10 fee for late pick up on race morning.
FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2019
Special Racer Offer: Save 20% on your first purchase when you join the VIP Family! After that, you’ll save 10% on everything every day, earn 5% in Rewards Cash on every purchase, and enjoy the 90-day VIP Perfect Fit Promise on shoes, socks, and insoles. Some exclusions apply. See store for details. https://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/storeLocator/store/sandiego  
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
5:30 am - 6:30 am
$10 late charge applies

Race morning is very busy with parking, warming up, and getting to the start line. If you are picking up your packet or registering on race morning please show up earlier than you normally would, to allow time to do so.

Available shirt sizes are listed during registration. In the final few days before the event, some sizes will sell out.  
Not all sizes may be available for same day registration.
Visit the t-shirt table at the expo Sunday after 9:00 AM for shirt exchange if you are interested in trading out the size you ordered for a different size!
Packet Pick Up Policies
1. All athletes must attend ONE pre-race check-in to pick up their race materials (FRI or SAT ). Athletes who do not or cannot attend FRI OR SAT (and have not selected the VIP option) will be required to pay a $10 late fee on race morning in order to pick up packet materials.

2. It is mandatory for all athletes to bring their ID to the pre-race check in. We will not give any athlete their bib number without an ID.

3. You must sign waiver(s) to get race materials. No printer? No problem - we will have waivers at check-in.

4. You will also be required to show proof of USAT annual membership or purchase a one day membership (if you haven't already purchased a one day with us through registration).

5. Friends and family members will NOT be allowed to pick up for an athlete. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS. These events are USAT sanctioned and USAT doesn't allow anyone besides the participant to pick up race materials. Youth athletes under the age of 18 may have a parent/guardian of the minor who is participating can sign for their materials. You will still need to bring a copy of the minor's ID and sign waivers for them.

6. Athletes who do NOT/cannot attend Friday or Saturday (and have not selected the VIP Option) will be required to pay a $10 (cash only) late fee on race morning in order to pick up their race materials. Late packet pickup on race morning is available starting at 5:45 am.
Pick Up Checklist
Signed Waiver
USAT Membership Proof
Tip: Print and sign the Koz Waiver at home for a faster check-in process.
Want to Change from Triathlon to the Duathlon or any other race category?
ALL REGISTRATION QUESTIONS, CHANGES, INQUIRIES, UPDATES MUST OCCUR in person at the Pre-Race Check-Ins Friday / Saturday. Race Morning is not a good time to make changes, if planning to change on race morning please arrive very early.

We will not be able to make any changes by email or phone. This includes: changes in event type, switching out a relay member, changing event division, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline to transfer registration has already passed.

This is a USAT sanctioned-event. You will be required to show proof of USAT membership status to receive your race materials and participate in this event. We will have one day USAT memberships available for $15 (adult) or annual memberships available for $50 (adult) and $10 (youth). These must be purchased if you are unable to show proof of current USAT membership status.

Please review USAT's Frequently Violated Rules by Clicking Here

Course Talks
Saturday - Course Talk Times at Saturday Expo
We highly recommend you attend one of the course talks so you will be completely informed of all details regarding the event. All course talks will take place near the registration/packet pick-up.

Are you doing your first triathlon, duathlon, or aquabike?
Please see our San Diego Triathlon Series website for our quick lessons - Click Here
11:30 am
Course Talk with Mike Drury and Head USAT Official
1:00 pm
Course Talk with Mike Drury and Head USAT Official
Race Day & Expo Info
Saturday - Expo/Packet Pickup

Take 5 North to Lomas Santa Fe Dr toward Solana Beach.
Turn left onto Lomas Santa Fe Dr, then take a right onto Highway 101.
Make a U-turn at W Cliff St and the destination will be on your right. 
You can find parking on the street along Hwy 101 (Saturday Only).

Sunday - Race Day
Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach - Corner of Plaza St. and Hwy 101 in Solana Beach

The Swim Start is located within a block of the transition area at Fletcher Cove.
Take I-5 to Lomas Santa Fe Drive to Fletcher Cove.
Parking is available at the train depot on Cedros (one block east of Hwy 101); or along nearby residential streets.
Please adhere to all no parking signs.  

There is NO parking allowed on Highway 101 on event day.
Cars will be towed. 
Please exercise caution when using online map services for driving directions, as they do not account for our race road closures or construction projects.
Event Schedule
Saturday - 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday - 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach
5:00 am
Parking lots open
Arrive to the race site early to allow time for traffic and walking or riding from the parking lot to the transition area.
5:45 am
Transition Opens / Body Marking / Late Packet Pickup Opens
6:40 am
Final Instructions at Swim Start -  Transition Area Closed/ Late packet pick up closed! (VIP only after this time)
6:50 am
Duathlon Starts - line up 10 minutes early at  Corner of Plaza st and Acacia.
7:00 am
Swim Starts - Wave Times
9:30 am
9:45 am
Bike Loop 2 Closed
Transition Reopens for Post Race Removal of Bikes - NO bikes are to be removed before this time. (Please be respectful of volunteers, staff and other participants actively racing.)**
~9:45 am
Awards Presentation Begin at the Stage in Expo - approx. time
10:15 am
Run Course Closes
10:45 am
Transition Area Closed, All Bikes Must be Removed
** An earlier confirmation email misstated the transition reopening time as 9:10 am. While we understand the desire to retrieve your bike and belongings out of transition as soon as possible, we are asking that everyone be respectful of those that are still racing. Please enjoy the beer garden, the band and cheer on your fellow racers until we can safely get everyone back into transition.
Wave Start Time & Cap Color
Click here for your wave start time & cap color
(If you are unable to view the image above)
Transition Area
The transition area opens at 5:30 AM and is located in the parking lot near the corner of Plaza St. and Acacia St. in Solana Beach. PLEASE NOTE: The transition area is open to participants ONLY. Participants must rack their bikes in their assigned racks (in their respective-wave). Racks are assigned by wave number.

  • ONLY ATHLETES with wristbands are allowed in transition
  • After you finish your race you must show your Bib number and matching Bike number to remove your bike from transition.
  • Although a bike safety inspection is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. 
  • Pulse Endurance Sports will be on hand at the Expo Saturday and in Transition on Sunday if you need any last-minute help with your bike.
  • Please bring your bike "Race Ready", fill your tires to the correct air pressure and if you are using a water bottle please bring it full as we do not have extra water for you in transition.
  • The bike leg takes place on City of Solana Beach roadways that are closed to traffic, although roads are closed to traffic, racers need to be aware and on the lookout for rouge drivers. A participant whose bike breaks down mid-race must remove the bike and exit the course. Racers must carry tire changing equipment with them and must change flats without assistance
Body Marking
Solana Beach Body marking
Body marking is located right outside of the bike in / out. 
Please bring your bib number with you so that our volunteers can see it. Volunteers will need to know your event and age or special category. They will need access to your left arm and left leg.
Race Number and Timing Chip Instructions
Timing Chip

An orange timing chip, and a VELCRO ANKLE STRAP will be included in your packet. You must wear this on your ankle throughout the race in order to receive a time. Please return this chip at the finish line. (Chips that are not returned will incur a $30 replacement fee.)

Relay team members must pass the timing chip band at each transition. After you finish, turn in the timing chip band at the end of the finish zone.

Wear the supplied colored-swim cap (certain colors go with certain wave start times). 

Bike Helmet Sticker
Place one sticker on the front of your helmet.

Bike Frame Bib
Place the bike bib # on the top tube of your bicycle frame (in packet). Numbers must be attached to bikes to allow access in/out of transition areas. 

Pin the bib number to the front of your t-shirt or onto your race belt.

Not Finishing the Race
A participant who pulls out of the race or cannot compete for any reason must report to the timing tent to turn in the timing chip band and collect personal gear from the transition area (after 9:10 a.m.). There is a $30 charge for any timing chip band not turned in.
The Swim
The Duathlon run starts at 6:50 am, the first swim wave starts at 7:00 a.m. with approximately 8 minutes between each wave.

Lost your swim cap? Please come to registration table and be sure to get the correct color cap. Do not change waves. Swimmers starting in the wrong wave will not receive a time and/or may be disqualified.

  • Resting During Swim - According to USAT Rules - If a Swimmer needs to rest during the race, they MAY hang onto a lifeguards board, to rest. No forward progress maybe made while resting.

Swim Buddies
Swim buddies are there for encouragement only. Please do not rely on a swim buddy to be your personal lifeguard or personal swim course escort at the event. You must be capable of swimming the course on your own. While we do our best to provide swim buddies at each triathlon event, they are not guaranteed.

  • Swimmers should seed themselves according to swimming ability (fast swimmers to the front). Please try to avoid striking or swimming over another swimmer(s).
  • Wetsuits are optional at the Solana Beach Triathlon.
  • No swimming aids (e.g. fins, kickboards, buoyancy devices) are allowed.
  • A swimmer in need of assistance should roll over on his back and wave to a lifeguard.
  • Swimmers are welcome to warm up in the water if life guards are present. People warming up are urged to stay near the shore.
PLEASE NOTE: We have received word from the City of Solana Beach there there has been increased shark sightings in the Solana Beach area lately. We are continuing to monitor the situation very closely and will make whatever necessary adjustments needed. At this point we have not been advised that any action is necessary.

If you would prefer not to swim, we would be happy to change your race to the duathlon. You will need to pick up your bib as normal and come to the solutions table to have us make that change in the system.
Course Overlays
The Bike and Run Courses have 2 laps for EVERY RACE
Swim Course
Bike Course
The Bike and Run Courses have 2 laps for EVERY RACE
Run Course
The Bike and Run Courses have 2 laps for EVERY RACE
Results and Bib Numbers
Results and timing for the 2019 Solana Beach Triathlon is provided by  Timberline Timing

To look up your bib number online Click Here

To view your results online,   Click Here .
The After Party
Where's the Beer?
After the race enjoy the expo and for our 21+ participants, an ice cold Ballast Point beer in the beer garden, complete with live music at the finish line. Please bring a $5 cash donation for  Challenged Athletes Foundation. We are raising money for CAF - Operation Rebound
CAF’s Operation Rebound® program strengthens the mental and physical well-being of veterans, military personnel and first responders with permanent physical injuries by providing them opportunities to use sports and fitness to re-integrate into our communities and by empowering them through sports.
Through Operation Rebound specific grant requests and sport clinics, CAF is there to support our service members from Frontline to Finish line.
A Message From USAT to All Age-Group Competitors
Welcome to this USA Triathlon-sanctioned event!

You are racing under the USAT Competitive Rules. In order to minimize any misunderstandings on race day, I hope you will take the time to read the following summary of the Position Violations, which you may know as the "drafting rules." I have reduced the Position Rules to the following concepts, which everyone can remember:

  • Ride on the right side of your lane.
  • Keep three bike lengths between yourself and the cyclist in front of you.
  • Pass on the left of the cyclist in front, never on the right.
  • Complete your pass within 15 seconds.
  • If passed, you must drop completely out of the zone, to the rear, before attempting to re-pass.

Remember, you are racing in a USA Triathlon sanctioned-event and there are USAT certified referees on the course to ensure fairness in the competition at all times. There will be NO WARNINGS if you commit a foul during competition. Triathlon is an individual event and you must take personal responsibility to understand the rules to avoid penalties. At the end of the race, all citations by the marshals are reviewed by the Head Referee who then decides if a penalty should be assessed. The Head Referee's ruling is FINAL in the case of Position Violations and there are no protests and/or appeals of Position Violations.

Marshals commonly cite the following violations:

  • Position: Riding on the left side of the lane without passing.
  • Blocking: Left side riding and impeding the forward progress of another competitor.
  • Illegal Pass: Passing on the right.
  • Overtaken: Failing to drop back three bike-lengths before re-passing
  • Drafting: Following a leading cyclist closer than three bike lengths and failing to pass within 15 seconds.

Though Position Violations carry a time penalty for first offense, two citations will result in an additional penalty. Please note that if you are cited for three violations, you will be disqualified. Be sure to check the penalty sheet before you leave the race site and have a chat with the head referee if you have any questions.

Make sure your helmet is a CPSC approved model. All helmets legally sold in the US are CPSC approved but, if you purchased your helmet in a different country, it might be illegal for use in USAT sanctioned-events.

While on your bike, always have your chinstrap securely fastened - before, during and after the event! The chin strap rule is easy to follow, so don't forget - that's a DQ!

Wear your race numbers, don't leave your trash on the course, and don't carry and/or use any portable audio devices.

Remember to treat other athletes, volunteers, and officials with courtesy and consideration. Failure to do so is called Unsportsmanlike Conduct and you will be disqualified.

All that being said, I hope you have a great race, lots of fun, and achieve all your goals!
Thank You To Our Sponsors
Best of Luck!