New Season Registration is Open
Register by 9/15/2020

Each family must:

  1. Register your swimmer in the portal to set up an escrow account for the new season. You may have created an account earlier this year. Please use the same user/password to login so you can see your previous registration info. Note - all swim families must register for an escrow account.
  2. Register your swimmer for the new season with the required YMCA forms. If you swim at the Southern location you may have already completed this step. You must be a YMCA member and register for the applicable swim group.

Parent Portal - Escrow and Meet Registration
Greetings team - we have some exciting news! The parent portal is available - all swim families must register. This will be the only way to be entered into meets moving forward.

The site will allow:

  • Coaches to enter swimmers in upcoming meets.
  • You to view your swimmer's meet entries.
  • You to view/pay your escrow fees - electronic charge/payment processing (eg, swim caps, meet fees/entries, team travel, USA Swimming annual membership).

Click the button below and register based on your primary swim location.

ο»ΏLet me know if you have any questions.

Coach John