Catholic Priest Will Spend 7 Days in Jail as a ProLife P risoner of Conscience
WASHINGTON, D.C., June 26, 2018 - A Catholic priest found guilty of unlawful entry inside an abortion facility on. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, from Priests for Life, was ministering to women inside an Capital Women's Services, by counseling mothers, praying the rosary and passing out red roses before being dragged out by DC metropolitan police during the “Red Rose Rescue” on December 2nd, 2017. 

Chief Judge Robert E. Morin of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia found Imbarrato along with Julia Haag and Joan McKee guilty after denying the motion to present the necessity defense. Morin indicated the sentence would included supervised probation and a barment from the abortion facility operated by  Steven Bringham  at 6323 Georgia Ave NW, Suite 210. 

Fr. Stephen in the final statement to the judge declared that through conscientious objection could not abide by the probation conditions because he “did nothing wrong” and will continue to be a voice for the voiceless. Fr. Stephen explained that as a Catholic priest he has the upmost respect for authority but he will not accept an invalid ruling by a “corrupt and immoral government that sanctions, protects (through its courts), and funds the daily mass murder of thousands of innocent preborn babies.” He further stated “When do the babies get their day in court? Today they do!” and with arms outstretched he ended with, “Judge you will have to send me to jail!”

And so Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, from Priests for Life, was sentenced for 7 days in jail at the entral DC Central Detention Facility located in Southeast DC at 1901 D Street, SE. A US marshal immediately cuffed Imbarrato and removed his preistly collar off his clerics. 

Lauren Handy, founder of Mercy Missions DC, stated, “Father is at peace and exactly where God wants him be. It is an honor to be in chains for Christ.”

A prayer vigil from 9am to 9pm will begin this morning outside the DC Central Detention Facility as a witness to the unjust sentencing from Chief Judge Morin.

Handy further explains, “Visiting those in jail is a Catholic corporal work of mercy and Father has been placed in an unique situation where he can live out his faith daily.”

For questions and interviews contact:
Father David Nix at 303-495-4654