June 30, 2021 //R2021.17
CPP was contacted by our member Sunstate Equipment Rentals when their customer discovered the theft of a Bobcat S570 that had occurred over the weekend. The thieves removed a GPS tracker, but fortunately, the unit was equipped with two. CPP reached out to SANCATT Detectives in San Bernardino who were able to locate the unit in Hesperia.
A warrant was served and SANCATT recovered a total of 6 stolen vehicles: two motorcycles, two equipment trailers, one pickup truck, and Sunstate's Bobcat and a generator belonging to AT&T.

Two suspects were arrested.
A SANCATT Detective also shared:
"Kudos to *Sunstate for having a secondary tracker. Quick dissemination of information helped in detaining the suspects."
A huge THANK YOU to the SANCATT team
and all of our law enforcement partners!
VALUE: $129,000
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