The Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation (County Mutual) and Community Insurance Corporation (CIC) are committed to providing our members with extensive, cost-effective risk management training safely and responsibly. We have taken our traditional Highway Safety Day Program virtual once again.

This email contains important information regarding our 2021 Virtual Highway Safety Days, including registration, virtual training logistics, meal and audiometric exam reimbursements, and other requirements.

If you have any questions regarding the Highway Safety Days (HSDs), please contact Jodi Traas, Senior Risk Management Consultant for the County Mutual & CIC, at 800-511-9797 or
Please register as soon as possible by clicking the button below. The registration deadline is April 15, 2021.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is included in the online registration that protects our speakers' proprietary training content and sets the expectation that no dissemination of the content should occur outside of registered attendees.
Virtual Training
The training content will be available from May 3-31, 2021. You may choose to have the training viewed in short segments or an all-day learning format. We will provide individual session recording times so that you can easily customize your training program.

You will need a reliable internet connection and audio/visual equipment to display the training content to your staff. We strongly recommend taking advantage of your entity’s or a local community center’s more contemporary training rooms/locations/board venues to provide the best audio and video quality. 

Registered contacts from each entity will receive instructions for accessing the program before the Monday, May 3rd availability. We will provide a training tip sheet that will contain common troubleshooting items and tips for maximizing the training content's quality and effectiveness.

We have brought together 7 instructors with 11 different topics: 

  • Back Injury Prevention, Work Smarter vs. Work Harder by Using Power Positions / Brian Langenhorst, OTR, CEA, Workfit Solutions, LLC
  • What You Need To HEAR About Noise / Nick Dillon, MS, MAED
  • Caught in the Storm: Best Safety Practices When Outdoors / Mark McGinnis, Fair Skies Consulting, LLC
  • Injury Prevention Strategies and Pre-Work Stretching & Warmups for the Workplace / Brian Langenhorst, OTR, CEA, Workfit Solutions, LLC
  • Understanding the Basics of CPR/AED and Recent New Changes / Nick Dillon, MS, MAED
  • When Thunder Roars: Outdoor Lightning Safety / Mark McGinnis, Fair Skies Consulting, LLC
  • Mobile Equipment Safety: Conveyor Systems, Cranes, and Crushers / Chris Hohol, Fire, LLC
  • Severe Storms: Hail & Heavy Rain / Mark McGinnis, Fair Skies Consulting, LLC
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training / Jodi Traas, MS, County Mutual/CIC
  • Miner's Rights & Responsibilities, MSHA Rules to Live By, Fatalities / Chris Hohol, Fire, LLC
  • Controlling Work Zones Safely / Craig E. Hardy, PE/RLS, Iowa County Highway Department & Jessica Schroeder, BS, County Mutual/CIC
Meal Reimbursement
Typically, we provide lunch during the HSD events. As a result of moving to a virtual format, we will supply up to a $10.00 per attendee gift to assist your department in providing lunch. Reimbursement will be sent to the department once a lunch receipt, along with the training log documentation and program evaluations, has been submitted to Jodi Traas (
Audiometric Exam Reimbursement
Annual audiometric exams are a requirement as a component of your Hearing Conservation Program. American Industrial Medical (AIM) has provided this service during HSD’s for almost 10 years. It is essential to have the prior exam results to determine if any Standard Threshold Shift (STS) changes have taken place for recordkeeping documentation requirements and staff notification and re-testing. The County Mutual/CIC will subsidize this cost up to $20/attendee for the examsPlease send a copy of the invoice to Jodi Traas (

Schedule the session soon to ensure the best options of time and dates. A tabletop system that does not require a large mobile unit is now available and is beneficial for smaller departments. Please contact Jodi Traas if you would like any assistance in scheduling.

AIM’s contact information is below:

Michael Mellock
Director of Operations
American Industrial Medical, Inc.

Phone (414)425-9500
Fax (414)425-9507
MSHA Requirements
Following MSHA guidelines, we are providing an alternative training delivery - an online/video-based learning for your staff. MSHA recordkeeping forms and documentation will be distributed for your completion. We will mail pocket cards as soon as training documentation is sent to Jodi Traas ( As always, your entity is responsible for providing 30 minutes or more of site-specific training. There will be a place on the recordkeeping form to enter this date of training, and your site-specific trainer’s name will be on the pocket card and documentation as well. 

To be in compliance, you MUST add WCMIC/CIC and Instructor Names to your MSHA Training Plan.
2022 Highway Safety Days
While this year's event will be held virtually, we have already secured all seven 2022 dates and locations in preparation for in-person Highway Safety Days.