Fifteenth Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon Updates
15th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon is THIS Sunday!
We are excited to see all of you this weekend at the 15th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon. Packet pickup is at Lake Newport Pool on Friday and Saturday. And of course, race day is this Sunday, August 15th.

This week we are sharing overviews of each segment of the triathlon. Today's topic is the bike segment.
Bike Segment Overview

Continuing our preparation for race on Sunday, we'd like to share a few tips to help with the bike portion of the race:

  • Check your bike over before the day of the race. This means look at your tires. Do you see any cracks or tears that need to be addressed?
  • Do you have the plugs on the ends of your handlebars? They are required for racing.
  • Do your tires have a slow leak and you just keep putting air in?
  • Check your helmet for signs of wear.
  • Take a good look at your cleats. Are they worn or missing screws?

Small things like the above items can ruin a good time for your race. Take ten minutes now to check all of your equipment, and lube your chain while you are at it!
On race morning, check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure will slow you down and make you work harder.

Once you get on your bike on race day, remember to rehydrate yourself. Try to make yourself think of drinking and getting some sort of energy fuel in you before you start the run.

Try to relax your body during the ride. Stretch your fingers out, move your toes around in your shoes, relax your upper body, and smile if you can.

The Bike Lane will be at the start of your race on Sunday. So if you have any cycling issues, please let them help you out. TBL mechanics will be on hand for any adjustments as well as pumps, tubes, tires, nutrition and other items if needed.
Please review the following information before race weekend:

  • The Bike Course map is posted on the Reston Sprint Tri website.
  • Beware of the 90 degree turn from Reston Pkwy to Wiehle.
  • Watch out for cars in the bike lane on Baron Cameron and Reston Pkwy.
  • It is highly recommended you pre-ride or pre-drive the course. Knowing the course is ultimately YOUR responsibility.
  • No drafting! Draft Marshals will be on the course and drafting rules will be enforced.
  • The course will be marked at all the turns.
  • Hard shell helmets must be worn and must be fastened before leaving the transition area.
  • Stay to the right to allow faster cyclists to pass on the left.
  • Obey the yellow line rule. Crossing the yellow line is an automatic DQ.
  • Bike frame numbers that are provided must be attached to the top tube of the bike near the handlebars.
  • No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices will be allowed.
  • Be sure to rack your bike in a low gear. When you hop on the bike, you will immediately have an uphill climb towards Reston Parkway and you'll want to be in a low gear.
  • Police will be positioned at the appropriate corners to stop traffic, this course is still open to traffic - BE ALERT and BE CAREFUL!
  • Volunteers will be at all corners.
FAQs about the bike segment:

Q: Is drafting legal?
A. No. You must stay at least three bike lengths behind the rider in front of you (unless, of course, you're passing them). Detailed rules can be found at in our Message from the Head Referee to All Age-Group Competitors .

Q: Do I have to wear a helmet?
A. Yes. 

Q: Will there be a place to have my bike looked at prior to the race?
A: The Bike Lane will have mechanics on site during packet pickup and race day.

Q: Will the bike transition area be secure?
A: Volunteers will be assigned to the bike transition station and only racers will be allowed in and out. In addition, race numbers must match bike numbers in order to take your bike out of the transition station after the race.
Q: How many loops do I do?
A: Three.  Failure to complete three bike loops will result in disqualification.
Stay tuned to the RST Facebook page
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Course Maps are HERE
Volunteers Needed for Packet Pickup & Race Day
RST Volunteer time qualifies for student service hours & employer grants
A message from USAT Head Official - Dave Conover

  • Be sure to review the USAT Most Commonly Violated Rules and Penalties
  • Athletes ONLY are permitted in the transition area. No exceptions.
  • When on the road, stay inside the cones.
  • Be aware of official motorcycles that may need to briefly ride inside the cones.