Fifteenth Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon Updates
15th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon is THIS Sunday!
We're wrapping up the race segment overviews with a focus on the run segment for this Sunday's 15th Annual Reston Sprint Triathlon.

Reminder: Packet pickup is at Lake Newport Pool:
  • Friday from 4:00 - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday from 11 am - 4 pm

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Run Segment Overview

Transitioning from bike to run: 
In the last few miles of your ride, increase your cadence on the bike, focusing on lifting your knees with your hip flexors instead of pushing down hard on the pedals. Not only does this technique even out your pedal stroke, but it also prepares your legs for a more enjoyable and more efficient run. Lighten up your gearing slightly so that you can spin faster, and take a few deep breaths to get yourself ready for part three of this joy ride of a race.
In transition area:
Visualize where your transition station is as you set it up before the race, and then as you finish the bike, remind yourself of what your space looks like so you can run straight to it.
Set up your run shoes in the position that makes them easiest to slip on, maybe with powder in them and BodyGlide where your heel or arch may rub. (If you're going sockless, it helps sticky feet slip in more easily and decreases the chance of blisters).
On the run course:
Once you start running, remember this third segment is its own race, and enjoy it. Start out with a controlled but fast start, focusing mostly on your turnover rate and keeping your body position efficient. Run tall with shoulders open, arms relaxed, and at a subtle forward lean, thinking about your hip flexor speed instead of the power in your push-off.
Take water at the aid stations and thank the volunteers who give it to you. (They have a tough job!). Resist the urge to be overly aggressive at the start of the run - your body will thank you if you go for a negative split, even if you don't end up achieving one.
As you hit the halfway point, concentrate on increasing your effort and pushing hard to the finish. Consider picking some points on the course where you will intentionally change your pace or insert a surge to prove to yourself that can run even faster than you thought.

Have fun and enjoy the crowd's cheers as you come to the finish. Then congratulate yourself and your competitors on your hard work and a job well done!
Please review the following information before race weekend:

Be mindful of the following:
  • The Run Course map is posted on the RST website.
  • This is a one-loop lollipop type course.
  • There will be water on the course.
  • No headphones, earphones or any radio-type devices will be allowed.
  • The run course is along the bike paths of Reston.
  • Do not cut the course by running in the street, this will result in a DQ. 
  • Police officers will be at each intersection to stop traffic, however, please stay alert and remain aware of your surroundings!!!
  • You must have your run number on your front as you cross the finish line or you will be assessed a one-minute penalty.

FAQs about the run segment:

Q: Is the bike/run transition spot at Lake Newport?
A: Yes. There is only one transition station and it will be in the parking lot at Lake Newport. The transition area will be setup by Saturday evening, but no overnight security is offered. Most athletes setup early Sunday morning.
Q: Is there water on the course?
A: Yes. Water will be available at the start of the run and at one other station along the route.
Q: Will the course be marked?
A: Yes. The course will be marked the night before and volunteers will be on the route to ensure you don't make a wrong turn.
Q: What if it rains?
A: Safety is our number one consideration. Certain county codes could prohibit us from allowing people to swim, but it is possible that we move forward with a bike/run race. The race director in consultation with police will make the decision. Right now it looks like a 20% chance of rain on race day, so please do your "no rain" dance! 
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Course Maps are HERE
Volunteers Needed for Packet Pickup & Race Day
RST Volunteer time qualifies for student service hours & employer grants
A message from USAT Head Official - Dave Conover

  • Be sure to review the USAT Most Commonly Violated Rules and Penalties
  • Athletes ONLY are permitted in the transition area. No exceptions.
  • When on the road, stay inside the cones.
  • Be aware of official motorcycles that may need to briefly ride inside the cones.