It's a stressful time for all of us
Let's get through it together
Like all of you, we have spent the last week working to organize work, school, home and family. Our LC leadership team is staying connected and want to share how much we empathize with our families and the impact that the shutdown is having on the structure and services that are so important for our diverse individuals. For all of us life has changed in ways we could never have imagined. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us into an altered way of living that is now becoming a new reality to which we must adapt.

We miss our interactions with you and your sons/daughters and are looking into ways to connect virtually in the next week or so. Look for updates on offerings via our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram - links at bottom of newsletter).

The human connection has always been at the forefront of our programs but we will now have to work together to innovate and create a way for our interactions to remain meaningful while moving to a virtual platform. One idea is a weekly/bi-weekly "media/literature book club" with associated lessons, as well as interactive activities. We also want to hear from you about your interests and ideas. These virtual meetups will be kept small so that meaningful interaction is possible and everyone can participate and contribute to the group. If you'd like to be part of our on-line learning, send us an email and we will give you advance notice about our offerings as they become available.
Until we can be together again, please take care of yourself and others by practicing recommended social distancing and "safer-at-home" practices.
Be safe, be well, and stay healthy. 💜