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We are still looking for volunteers for the Field Day. Help us make our field day a success! Please send an email to pto@cmitsouthes.org
Field Day to the National Zoo was amazing! Check out some of the great shots that were taken!
Thank you to all the parents who volunteered and purchased books! You truly mad our Book Fair a success! A special Shout Out to our VP Deniece McDowell who has organized this fundraiser for us twice! You're Dino Mite!

All eWallets Balances will be returned to the parents credit card or whatever credit card used to set up the students account. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this to occur. Thank you. If there are any issues, please contact Deniece McDowell at  dkawills@icloud.com .
Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to make our first 5th Grade Dance a success! The kids had a ball dancing to all the latest songs! Even "Pete the Cat" dropped in to bust a few moves!
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We have more clothes in the lost and found. If you're child is missing something, there is a good chance it's in the bin. Please take a look to see if you have something there! Before the end of the school year we will be donating all clothes to charity.

All clothes will be donated by the last day of school!
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The More You Know!

Math Resource

Parents are you looking for a resource to help you out with math? Please check out the PGCPS Count On Us website. Here you'll find valuable tips and examples to make your student shine.


Ready to volunteer for CMIT South ES events? Do you have your fingerprints done? Here are the resources to get you going.

*Please note that in order to volunteer and work in the school you must have completed your fingerprinting and training.

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