July 9, 2020
Dear Sponsors,

I just wanted to give you one more reminder...

We would LOVE to include a letter from you to your child with the box of letters we'll be shipping in September.

TOMORROW is the last day to drop your letter in the mail...
Actually, don't tell anyone, but I'm going to give you an extra day! (Sept 2)

Juna Amagara Ministries, P.O. Box 2384, Glen Ellyn, IL 60138
Please write your child’s name and ID number on the envelope. 

Your letter and items must fit into a flat 9 x 12 envelope and weigh less than one pound. Examples include photos, cards, coloring books, stickers, bookmarks or any other small items appropriate to Christian values.  (We're sorry, but because of the high cost of shipping, we can not make exceptions at this time.)

Your child will be more than blessed to hear from you, especially now. 
When international travel to Uganda was banned beginning in March, we realized we had a unique problem….the children’s letters!! Because they are usually hand carried over by staff or mission teams, we were forced to use a shipping service, and thankfully, the letters arrived and we are grateful!! In fact, some children wrote to their sponsors prior to the lockdown, and we just received those letters too. We must share with you that, in regard to the pandemic, the children are very worried about their sponsors! They hear how the United States has suffered during this pandemic, and their tender hearts are touched. 
I want to assure you that the children are doing well and your dedication to living out the gospel to take care of orphans and widows is why we see success in what we do.  We thank you for faithful sponsorship. In the days ahead, please continue to pray for the children in the following ways….
  1. God stirs their hearts to seek Him more each day
  2. They realize their God given potential and strive to live it
  3. The fears or doubts they may have are comforted by knowing God’s love for them
  4. They continue to be motivated in doing their best in school (when it resumes) and daily routines
  5. Any caregiver they may have while not being active in our program will show love, patience, and guidance because children are valuable in God’s sight
  6. That they remain free from Covid-19, HIV, malaria, or any other illness that seeks to destroy
Thank you for your praying! If you have any questions, you may reach us at sponsorship@amagara.org or at 318.686.7491.


Sandy Fugate
Board Member, Juna Amagara USA