Our space is going to look a little different soon...our permit finally came through and we're starting renos next week! Here are the basics:

  • The studio will be closed as of July 17. We're aiming for about a two-week closure.
  • Zoom classes will continue, and we will be adding park classes when we get the permit to do so - the most updated schedule will always be posted on our website and in the Modo app, so please keep checking there.
  • If you don't follow us on Instagram, please do @modoyogaeastvancouver - we also post updates there!


  • If you have an unlimited membership, we will add the time we are closed to the end of your current month and your next payment date will be updated accordingly.
  • You can buy passes specifically for Zoom classes - one week unlimited for $12.50, two weeks unlimited for $25, or a single drop-in for $6. If you would like to keep your unlimited pass active and use it for Zoom classes, you can do so instead of pausing. Class cards are also eligible for Zoom classes. There are many options - pick which works best for you!
  • If you have an unlimited membership that you paused during March due to COVID-19, we will be reacivating your pass as of September 1, post summer and post renos. Please let us know if you would rather activate earlier or cancel outright by emailing
We just wanted to go through all the steps to attend a Zoom class so everyone is set for their first class if you want to join us during the reno closure.

SIGN UP: Go on our website and sign up for any class labeled ONLINE ZOOM. You can use a Zoom drop-in, any type of unlimited pass, or your class card. If you have trouble signing up, please reach out to us at

ZOOM LINK: 30 min. before class starts our online sign in will close. At that time we'll email you a unique link to your Zoom class. If you're not receiving these emails please make sure we have your current email address. Great to check if our emails are ending up in your junk mail too. You can always tag our email address as "safe" and that should clear things up.

LOGGING ON: 5 min. before class the teacher will start the "Zoom meeting". This gives the teacher a chance to say hi to everyone and give some suggestions for your set up etc. If you try logging in before the teacher is there you'll see a message saying the host has not signed in yet. Just wait a few minutes and try again, using the password provided in the email.

SUPPORT: We'll be monitoring our main email address throughout sign in and the first few minutes of class. If you haven't received the link or have any other issues that's a great place to send us a message.

LATE IS OK: If you're a few minutes late to class no problem. Unlike regular classes, it's not disturbing.

RECORDINGS: To honour our Be Accessible pillar we'll also be sending out a recording of the class about 15 min after the class ends. These recordings will be available for 24 hours after class starts. To receive the recordings you need to be signed into class. So, say you want to do the 8am but aren't free until 10am just sign in to the 8am and you'll receive the recording around 9:15am.

You've got this! And if you don't we're here to help!
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