Restoring Success Newsletter                                                                  August 2019
Restoring Success:
Creating Effective Customer Surveys
Customer surveys are a valuable tool for your restoration company. It’s always a good time to review your existing survey process or start a new one. As a service provider, the ultimate evaluation of how well we are doing is through the eyes of the customers we serve. 

Well-designed surveys can give you valuable insight to what you do well and areas that may need improvement. Here are some sample questions, and that you can glean from your customers' answers.

How would you rate our company’s communication and responsiveness?
This is an opportunity to address any dissatisfaction. TIP: Develop a policy that promptly addresses any negative feedback and gain the opportunity to rectify it. 

How would your rate our response time? 
View this as an engagement tool for the team. Great customer surveys are a sure way to get lots of smiles from the team when they see how their hard work made someone’s life better. 

How would your rate the professionalism of the staff?
This is a tool to get new customers. Sharing the great results and comments of previous customers can help prompt new customers and referral sources to keep your name top of mind. Develop process in all your marketing and business development efforts that help you share the results of your good works. 

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Tip For Your Success:
Summer Mold Fighting Tips
During the summer months mold thrives, due to rising temperatures and excessive humidity levels. Hot temperatures and the recent increase in rainfall and flooding has made this season an ideal time for microbial growth. We have put together some useful mold busting tips below to help you to fight growth in your home.

  • The first step to stop mold growth is to prevent it from happening in the first place. To do this be sure to check the exterior walls, insulation, and the wood framing of your home for excessive dampness and your windows for condensation.  

  • Decreasing the humidity levels in your home will also help to cut down on a chances of an infestation because mold requires moisture to thrive. You can reduce humidity by using dehumidifiers and air conditioning units. Be careful to maintain and clean these appliances regularly to ensure that they do not begin to produce moisture.

  • To reduce moisture build up, make sure that all rooms are properly ventilated, and that air continues to circulate throughout your home.

  • Summer break can be an ideal time to declutter the damp cardboard boxes and old papers in your basement. By removing the cellulose these items are made from you will eliminate the food source for mold, preventing a spread. 

To learn about some interesting mold myths click here to read an insightful article by mold expert, Frank Nemshick.
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33 Mile Radius
Customers increasingly rely on online reviews to help them decide which companies to do business with. According to a recent survey by BrightLocal , around 90% of consumers read reviews on businesses and 57% of them will not hire anyone with less than a four-star rating. From the point of view of a consumer, relying on the experience of others to make a choice about who to hire can help them to avoid pitfalls. This makes sense because everyone strives to find great service and to avoid difficulties whenever possible.
What this means for business owners is that it has become increasingly important for them to manage their online presence.

To attract new customers, it is vital that for your company to maintains a positive online presence. This does not mean that you're business is required to perform perfectly. It is unrealistic to expect that every customer you encounter will respond positively to they interactions they have with you. Although you cannot control consumer feedback, you can help to keep an impeccable profile by addressing comments quickly and constructively. If finding the bandwidth to manage your online presence is a challenge for you, consider getting started with a review generation service. One great option is the Aquirly Review Generation Platform for home service contractors by our partner 33 Mile Radius . This service can help by engaging customers while in the field allowing you to efficiently manage your reviews swiftly. To learn more click here or to watch a video about how to get more reviews with Aquirly click here
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Let iRestore Help To Manage The Chaos
We are built by restorers, for restorers.
Our robust relationship management system (CRM) allows you to easily manage all of your relationships at both a company level and individual level. It allows you to manage and track all relationships including your previous customers and subcontractors. Our system gives you the tools to build long-term relationships and strategic success and growth. In the field, you will enjoy instant access to all information, including your job-related activity and the ability to quickly create a voice-to-text note about your visit in seconds. Click here to learn more.
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