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WW expert support
At WW Philadelphia, memberships were designed with your preferences in mind—Whether you love to chat online or in person. Prefer dedicated guidance, or find inspiration from a group. Like to Zoom with your friends? Now we support you in specialized and personal Virtual Zoom Workshops, too.

And, if you didn't know by now, every WW Coach is a WW Success Story themselves, having lost weight, reached their goal, attained the coveted Lifetime Member Status, and went on to train to become a WW Philadelphia Coach.

Weekly we feature a member of our staff.

Meet Marty WW Coach
Cinnaminson Studio
Saturday Mornings at 7:30
Marty 6'4" Size 36" Waist 189lbs
Marty Size 54" Waist, Weighting in at 400
When Cherry Hill, New Jersey’s Marty Popoloski became 50-years of age and his weight reached 400 pounds, he thought to himself that he was never going to reach the age of 60 if he didn’t change his life and lifestyle. But now thanks to WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) the six-foot, four-inch former defensive tackle for Harvard University and current Amtrak executive is now 211 pounds lighter and is most grateful for the profound change that has overtaken his life.

He has trimmed down to a slender size 36-inch pants waist from his original size 54-inch waist and says that he now looks and feels better and has much more energy to play with his three step-children and three step-grandchildren. However, things weren’t so good for him a short while ago. Over the last ten years, the director of systems operations for Amtrak in their Wilmington, Delaware Command Center says that he continued to put on unwanted pounds and inches.

“I enjoy food, watching it being made on the Food Channel, visualizing it and of course enjoying the taste of it,” says Popoloski who has a bachelor’s of arts degree in economics from Harvard where he played varsity college football. During those years he says that his weight stayed under control because he practiced with the football team three to four hours every afternoon.

But after that, his life and lifestyle began to change. He married, divorced and ate lots of good homecooked and restaurant meals, and became much more sedentary. “I started to eat three or four portions at every meal in addition to eating plenty of snacks, fast food, and junk foods including pizza, pasta, and cheesesteaks and wasn’t getting much exercise because my joints ached so much,” he says. One of his motivations to join the Weight Watchers Program came after he returned from the NFL Super Bowl in 2019 where he had difficulty climbing the steps in the stadium.

On a more personal note, he talks candidly about his late father, who became morbidly obese and bedridden in the last few years of his life. “I didn’t want to end up like that. I wanted to enjoy my life with my family."

He has been with his current love, Maria, for the last 12 years. He says that she was a major support component in his successful weight-loss journey. He also credits his Coach Carol Wilder for her sincere support and motivation. “Carol was awesome,” he states. “She is one of the main reasons I was able to reach my weight-loss goal, complete the maintenance program and become a Lifetime Member,” Popoloski relates.
He additionally notes that the members in his Workshop provided plenty of helpful tips and information. “I needed to attend the in-person Workshops for accountability, motivation, and support,” he comments. A great many of those members have now become my good friends.”
He added an exercise component after he started to lose weight--nine pounds in the first week! He put an elliptical machine in his basement along with some free weights and began exercising about an hour and a half every day. It also has helped to keep his weight under control since he reached his goal and became a Lifetime Member.

“Now when I walk around in my work environment, I do not feel that I’m infringing on someone else’s space, just my own,” Marty says. It has taken him just shy of two years to complete his weight-loss journey. 

On advice to others trying to lose weight, he offers, “Take notice of the benefits of WW and attend the
in-person Workshops. They really help.”

Marty was featured on ABC Action News! Click to watch this inspirational story
Food • Activity • Mindset • Sleep
The 4Pillars of WW
Affect Your Health & Weight Loss 
Food Map out your meals
Activity Start a fitness plan
Mindset Outsmart cravings
Sleep Restore your energy
This Week's Message From DebW!
Voice of WW Philadelphia and General Manager
September 22, 2021
Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

While darling husband and I were dating and then married, I exposed him to Starbucks. I quickly realized the high cost of my daily habit of Starbucks times two plus him stopping again in the afternoon and decided we needed a decent espresso maker. I located one and sent darling husband to buy this new wondrous appliance. He calls me that afternoon from the store and says, “did you know this espresso maker is over 400 dollars?” He goes on to talk about how he has never spent more than 50 dollars on a coffee machine in the past. 

I sweetly reminded him of the cost of our daily Starbucks habit and multiplied that by 30 days and the new favorite appliance is paid for in one month. When I got home that night from the office, the espresso machine was on the counter and our visits to Starbucks became a treat while traveling only. Money saved and POINTS saved because I not romanced into adding something extra to my drink or adding a pastry or something.

A side effect of losing weight, which can be a little spendy, is the need for clothes that fit. This is important because if you are not wearing clothing that fits your smaller body, you cannot see the proof of your efforts and neither does anyone else. I’m not saying buy a whole new wardrobe, I’m saying be sure you have one or two items that really fit the new size you are.

This isn’t the time to relish how comfortable the too-big clothing is to wear. The stay-at-home thing made pajamas and sweatpants even more mainstream and so forgiving when we have gained back a few pounds. UGH!

There are a lot of creative ways around the cost of buying smaller clothing. Thrift stores have become the “in” place to shop. Someone else’s gently worn item becomes your next favorite to wear. Some Members have a knack for altering their own clothing or have a family member with this skill giving your favorite items a little more mileage before they go to the “way too big” pile.

Even a belt can be the reminder of where we were and where we are, by the number of notches changed since the weight loss efforts began. Some of us who have lost the larger numbers notice a change in our shoe sizes/widths, our watchbands, and even in rings.

A big part of losing weight is getting to know and appreciate the smaller, healthier version of you. Practicing the steps of body acceptance and appreciation could be one of the missing steps to your last attempt at staying at goal weight.

Getting together one item, a pair of jeans, dress, or slacks that fit might be the expense that saves hundreds of dollars in the future as you get off the yo-yo train. Learn to look into the mirror and really see the things you like about yourself. Practice saying a few words of affirmation to yourself every day. We all need kudos. Speak kindly to yourself, you are always listening.

One item you really like, worn once or more times a week brings down the per-wear cost of having something that fits well and reminds you of your success all day long. That is a good investment in you.

That espresso machine investment turned out well too. Darling husband is an excellent barista, and we continue to save dollars and POINTS even with an upgraded machine.

Stay well,

General Manager

I'd love to hear from you. Your ideas, feelings, successes, and whatever else you'd like to discuss. Be assured I value your confidentiality and appreciate your trust. Please don't hesitate to contact me at my personal email.
Here's what you get weekly as a WW Member

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  3. Unlimited In-person Workshops throughout the week, with one-on-one coaching, and inspiration from our WW Community
  4. Unlimited Virtual Workshops like having Workshops in our home... We don't even have to put our shoes on to attend --just Zoom in!
  5. Weekly Menu Plan with Recipe Cards and Grocery List
  6. Weekly Members-Only Newsletter Up to the minute news on myWW+ 4 Pillars: Eating, Activity, Mindset, and Sleep

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Lifetime Over Goal

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Coached by a WW Lifetime Member who lost over 100 lbs and trained to share the plan as it will work for you. Along with your Coach, Members will be like-minded and
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Brigid G., 36, lost 108 lbs
Thought for the week
Today only happens once ... make it amazing!
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