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For those of you who closely follow the local real estate market, we just wanted to keep you up to date on the real estate market for Gulf Front, Gulf View, and other foreclosures in our area that you can always find on our website. Click the links below to view our updated list of foreclosures. Not looking for a foreclosure? Feel free to create a customized search, or browse our site to view all properties that are currently on the market.

Adapting to the Pandemic
According to the National Association of Realtors a recent survey shows that 90% of realtors say that their local housing markets are in a strong recovery mode. In fact, some claim that their markets are hotter than the pre-pandemic market.  

Locally, we are in the hotter market. The lack of inventory, coupled with strong demand, has driven the prices upward. Add to this, all-time-low interest rates have improved buying power as well as increased buyer motivation. We are seeing jumps in existing-home sales, and appreciation is robust.

Compelled by the pandemic, here are some notable changes in buyer behavior:

  • Time is of the essence: Buyers are showing a greater urgency to purchase as soon as possible and lock in low interest rates. In 2019 buyers looked at an average of 9 properties prior to making a decision. This year buyers are looking at an average of 4 properties.

  • Home Office leads buyer wish list: With more people working from home, the home office space has become a necessity. Outdoor spaces with pools, garden space and more land to enjoy privacy have also become important.

  • Commutes are less important. As remote work increases, buyers are not as concerned about drive time. This freedom allows buyers to look in expanded areas and gives more variety to property choices.

  • Buyers are looking for second/rental properties. With many people able to work remotely, some buyers are looking for homes that will be a get-away for the family and perhaps provide a stream of income.

  • Close to family is important: A trend to move back to your roots is strong right now. People are looking to be closer to family and long-time friends. Perhaps the family unit will become even more important as we ascertain new priorities.

Whatever your real estate needs are, we are always here to help you find your best options and to make real estate your BEST investment!
Located in the heart of Miramar Beach, this desirable 11th floor unit at Edgewater Beach is the place to be. With an open floor plan, gorgeous Gulf views, and a spacious balcony – the unit is just beautiful. The kitchen features granite countertops and overlooks the living area. The living area leads to the spacious balcony. The master suite also features balcony access where you can take in the gorgeous views and sea breeze. A guest suite is just off the kitchen. You have everything you need at Edgewater Beach! This family favorite resort offers two large pools with waterfall and hot tub, deeded beach access, playground, fitness center, community room, parking garage, shuffle board, basketball, gated security, and shopping is just across the street. Rental projections show this unit grossing up to $50k making this coastal gem a fabulous investment opportunity!
4 Tips to Reduce Screen Time While Working From Home
With many places still taking precautions and more people working from home, have you found yourself spending more time on the computer? A recent survey asked people how much time they were spending on a computer per day. Here are the results:
Pre-quarantine, you likely thought that you spent almost all of your workday at the computer. But little did you know that you could spend so much more. Between commutes, formal meetings, drive-by chats, water-cooler talks, coffee breaks, and lunches, you had many opportunities throughout your day where your eyes would have a break from your screen and detach from the digital realm. There can be negative effects of too much screen-time, but here are a few tips to help keep a healthier balance.

Choose physical over digital. To counteract the increased time in front of a screen both on and off the clock, look for ways that you can take the low-tech route. Brainstorming for an article? Write out your thoughts on paper. Creating a road map for a big project? Sketch the initial draft on a white board. Reading a book? Pick up a print copy. Exercising? Go outside on a run. Anytime you can reasonably choose a physical option over a digital one, take it.

Move as much as possible. When you need a quick break, do a few simple movements like rolling your shoulders to get the blood flowing. If you have a standing desk, move it up and down so you’re able to both sit and stand throughout the day. If you don’t have a standing desk, put your computer on a high counter to stretch your legs. And if you’re on a phone call and don’t need to be taking notes or looking at documents while you talk, stand or pace during the conversation.

Take tech-free breaks. Although it may feel more “efficient” to eat lunch at your computer, your brain will thank you for taking a break from the screen. Eat lunch while chatting with your family members in the kitchen, looking out a window, or reading a physical book. Stepping away from technology not only gives your brain a break but also gives you the added bonus of perspective.

Make time for post-work outdoor physical activity. Take a walk, play basketball in the driveway, garden, or do anything else that gets you active. We love taking beach walks at the end of the day! This split from the digital world refreshes your brain and helps to create some separation from the end of your work day and the beginning of your personal time.
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