Shrimp Note for the weekend of September 23 & 24

Bringing the Taste of the Beach Inland since 2001


We open at NOON at the SCHRIMP SHAK - 2301 Sandy Ridge Rd

and in Summerfield - 7301 Summerfield Rd (Dove Medical)

Close at 6PM


We open at 9 AM at both locations

We close at sell-out or until..

Cheerwine - 2913 Sandy Ridge Rd 5 PM

Summerfield - Dove Medical 3 PM

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Our guarantee is 100%, 100% of the time, and always has been.

Pre-order reminder:  If you don't receive a confirmation within 6 hours, then assume we did not get it and call or text me at 919-610-7935. 


Wednesday Seafood Update:

We have some of the ATLANTIC POMFRET remaining.  Why don'cha get out of your comfort zone and give it a try.  You know we guarantee everything.

SHRIMP:  We're getting the beautiful local greentails again. 26-30 count.


Check out the menu below for the always great selection of the best seafood we can bring you. Everything listed should be available.

PRE-ORDERS WORK, so get yours in and come see Terrence and Joy and Laura and Calvin and Michael Ned this weekend. 

And as always, we deeply appreciate your continued support.  


You can contact me any time if you have any questions, comments, or cuss words.

Michael Ned




“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Abraham Lincoln

Q: What do you get from a dwarf cow?

A:  Condensed milk.

A DUNG beetle walks into a bar and asks "is this stool taken?". 

Q: Do you want to hear a ghost joke?

A:  Now THAT'S the spirit!                  


Sandy Ridge Location: We will be in the Schrimp Shak (the "c" is silent) on Fridays from noon til 6 and under the tent at Cheerwine on Saturdays from 9 til 5 (or sellout).  

Summerfield Location: In the Shrimp Shed Fridays from Noon til 6 and Saturdays 9 til 3 (or sellout).

Schrimp Shak - Sandy Ridge Road Friday Site

2301 Sandy Ridge Road

Cheerwine - Sandy Ridge Road Saturday Site

2913 Sandy Ridge Road

Shrimp Shed - Summerfield Fridays & Saturdays Site

7301 Summerfield Road

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Place Your Order Here
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