North Coast Small Business Pandemic Update 4/20-24
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Save Small Business Grant Fund
Applications launch Monday 4/20:
A grantmaking initiative offering short-term relief for small businesses with 3-20 employees. Applications taken first-come, first served.
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) for Self-Employed, Independent Contractors
The PUA program will help unemployed Californians who are business owners, self-employed, independent contractors, have limited work history, and others not usually eligible for regular state UI benefits who are out of business or services are significantly reduced as a direct result of the pandemic. 
Business Mindset Clarity (Arcata Chamber)
The current mindset was always there - COVID-19 didn’t create it. Life Coach Sarah Trapkus discusses how to take responsibility for you mindset in a way that empowers you. Then she talks about how to sustain a new mindset. This is the first event in the Arcata Chamber of Commerce's Spring 2020 Business Forum.
Shifting Business Online (Surviving Together)
The world of e-commerce and online sales can be daunting. Get resources and practical tips to help you find the right platforms and systems to help your business pivot during the shelter in place orders. Learn best practices for marketing your business and offering value to your customers. Q&A session to follow.

Next week's Surviving Together webinar: Team Leadership in a Crisis on 4/29.
Think Like a Marketer (Business Basics)
This is not the time to go radio-silent. Marketing well is more important now than ever. How to find and reach your target markets. Create key customer personas. Analyze your competition. Basics of day to day marketing discipline.
Employee Layoff Help Event (Humboldt Rapid Respose)
Humboldt Employees: get online for a briefing about the help available for you if you're facing layoffs or have been laid off. Information employees about financial help, food and income help, job search and re-training help, and more.
By the Numbers
We will using this space to report to you the latest data relevant to the pandemic
Humboldt County Private Sector Economic Injury Data
As of 4/16/2020:
  • Reported Business Revenue Loss: $26,490,266
  • Permanent Job Losses: 1,874
  • Permanent Business Closures:15

The county is collecting reports biweekly. Only 5% of all HumCo businesses (608 firms) have reported in as of 4/16. This figure needs to grow so the County can tap emergency resources for our community.
Del Norte County Private Sector Economic Injury Data
As of 4/20/2020:
  • Businesses Still Open: 40.9%
  • Temporarily Closed: 57.4% (62 businesses)
  • Permanently Closed: 1.7%

  • Reported Business Revenue Loss: $1.12 million
  • Employees Laid Off: 252 people

The county is collecting reports biweekly. As of 112 businesses have reported; half operate in Crescent City limits and half across the county.
Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

  • The SBA processed 14 years' worth of lending in 14 days, with the help of new staff, including loaned FEMA personnel, and public-private partnerships.
  • California businesses secured more than 25% of the $5.57 billion in emergency loans approved as of April 20, 2020. 32.4% of that comprised EIDL advances. (We've requested a county by county report if possible.) View report here.
Paycheck Protection Program

  • Nationwide: 4,975 lenders processed 1.6 million loans totaling $342 billion
  • California lenders processed 112,967 loans totaling $33.4 billion
Take Other Action:
North Coast SBDC Center Service Continuity
When will I get introduced to my business advisor?
As you can imagine, the Center experienced a surge of new and returning clients once the pandemic emergency really set in. We're welcoming 50 new clients a week since March 16th--not counting returning clients. Your SBDC team is determined to get everyone currently on the waiting list through the process and paired up. Our goal is to reduce pending requests for emergency COVID help to a 1-3 day turnaround by the end of the week. Non-emergency consulting requests will be assigned as soon as possible.
Stay Updated COVID-19 Resources and Guidance for Small Business is updated daily or more:

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 for your business  here and download the California SBDC's COVID-19 Survival Guide for Small Business here .

Sign up for the Small Business Emergency Response mailing list:

Get confidential layoff or closure help ... manage and support your employees during forced closures or layoffs emailing or calling (707) 445-9720

Get confidential management or finance help ... figure out how to maximize income, reduce expenses, apply for disaster funding and more by signing up to speak with a business advisor at
Is the Center headquarters open?
The office is closed BUT your North Coast SBDC team is working from home during our Shelter in Place order. Please call 707-445-9720 or email instead. Visit the  North Coast SBDC Service Continuity Update page   to understand how we are handling your needs and questions.

Also, please be aware that staff are working at top intensity to respond to increased demand during the crisis so please start by accessing the resources above to see if we've already answered your question.

Is my workshop still running?
Probably. Most of our workshops through May are still on and are being offered virtually via Zoom. Register for the workshops you want to attend and we will send you login instructions. You'll need a computer, decent Internet speed, and ideally a separate phone. The workshops that require a high level of interaction and/or computer labs will be postponed.

Can I still meet with my business advisor?
Yes. Our advisors are independent contractors so we leave it up to you two to decide where and how to meet. Many of our advisors are prepared to meet with you by phone and/or videoconference to make sure you continue to get the help you need.

How do I use Zoom to access services virtually?
Zoom is the videoconferencing services we're using to deliver our workshops live. Most of our business advisors are also using to be in communication with you. It's flexible--can be used as a phone service, a videoconference service, to share views of what's on your computer so you can look at financial statements together, etc.

Please make sure that you have downloaded and installed the  Zoom program  on your computer in advance. It’s fairly fast and easy, but does take a few minutes.

And if this is your first time here is a short video tutorial on YouTube from Geeks on Tour: How do I join a Zoom meeting?
North Coast Small Business Development Center
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