Winter 2020
Smile for National Pet Dental Health Month
You can’t be an apex predator and show signs of weakness – that’s why cats are notorious for their ability to hide pain. It’s also why you need to pay close attention to your cat’s mouth. Signs that your cat has dental problems include bad breath, a reluctance to eat or loss of interest in food, a decrease in appetite, and excessive drooling.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Call this month to schedule a dental procedure and receive a free gift bag with goodies to help keep your feline friend's teeth healthy and clean.
The Importance of Dental Care
During a recent exam, Dr. Kim Mahoney discovered that Bella was in need of some prompt dental care. Last month Bella came in for her dental cleaning and to have 4 teeth extracted.

Read about Bella's procedure and Why Is Cat Dental Care So Important? over at Paws and Effect. Learn how dental disease impacts cats' lives and see pictures of the Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center surgical team while they work to provide Bella with a pain-free and healthy mouth.
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