S ince OPHS is an open intake shelter, we take every domestic animal that comes to our door. It doesn’t matter what condition the animal is in or what the animal’s background may be, every dog and cat will always have a safe place to stay with OPHS. Churchill the cat is a perfect example of that philosophy. 

Churchill first came to us in a trap. Citizens often bring us “trapped” cats that have been caught on their property. Usually, these are feral cats or cats that are somehow causing a nuisance on the person’s property. Sometimes, though, traps are set for cats that need medical help.

One look at Churchill in the trap and you could see this all-gray boy desperately needed our help. He was a full-grown adult cat (estimated to be about 3 or 4 years old), but he was wearing a flea collar that was sized for a young kitten. The chemicals and the pressure from the collar had irritated and burned the skin off around his neck. What was left was a circumferential infected wound about 2 cm wide all the way around where the collar touched his skin.