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South Metro Tournament 2020
Tournament Program

Please make sure all parents, friends, school admin, etc have a copy of the program. We will not have any printed at the tournament.

Weather Report

Saturday, March 7, 2020
Partly Cloudy 65 °
0% rain/snow
SSW 9 mph

There is a medium size parking lot on the South side of Fort Logan Northgate, this is the front of the school building. Additional, there is parking at Sheridan High School, just of east of Northgate with a walking path between the tow schools. We'd kind of love it if family and friends would park at Sheridan and leave the Northgate lot for the cars with props so teams won't have to carry things very far. You can drop props off in front of Northgate but please don't park there. This is a fire lane and cars left there will be ticketed and/or towed. Sheridan Police Department will be patrolling our event.

If you are doing Tech/The Big Fix or Scientific/First Encounter it will be easier for you to park on the North side of the building. There's a street parking lot and a very small parking area back there. Parking there means you won't have to carry props downstairs.
Handicap Access

You will find Handicap parking at both the North and South ends of the building. We strongly suggest if you are here for either Tech/The Big Fix or Scientific/First Encounter you should park in the North parking area to avoid stairs. This building has three floors, we do have access to the key for the elevator. Northgate has made it very clear that the elevator is for handicap needs only. If you need to use the elevator please allow for extra time, we will need to find the person with the key!
Required Paperwork

Declaration of Independence - Competitive teams need to provide one signed copy of the Declaration of Independence to the Prep Appraiser at the performance site and one signed copy of the Declaration of Independence at Instant Challenge. Form can be found on page 45 Rules of the Road. Rising Stars Teams do not need to provide a Declaration of Independence.

Expense Report - Competitive teams must provide a completed Expense Report to the Prep Appraiser at the performance site. The Form can found on page 44 of the Rules of the Road. Rising Stars are not required to provide an Expense Report.

Tournament Data Form - Competitive teams must submit 6 completed copies of the Tournament Data form found at the end of their challenge. This is form is used to tell the Appraisers where to look for your scored solutions. Be as detailed and concise as possible in the space provided.

Team Choice Elements - Do not include any element that is already being scored in the Team Challenge.

Team Clarifications - If your team submitted a team specific clarification to the International Challenge Masters, be sure to include a copy of your reply.
Instant Challenge

Instant Challenge is for team members and if the team chooses, one Team Manager.
We ask that parents and supporters please meet your team in the cafeteria or go watch other teams. Please do not hang out in the hall in front of IC. Teams need to report to IC 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time to check-in and will be in Instant Challenge for approximately 30 minutes. Unlike IC Day, Appraisers will not return scores or give feedback.

There are no fast food places close by so we are bringing the food to you. We have Simply Pizza food truck for lunch and to go with our ice cream theme Sweet Cow Mobile Moo food truck will be here as well.

Pizza from 11:30 until 2:00ish depending on sales traffic.

Ice Cream - 1:00 until 4:00

The trucks will be parked on the lower level near the cafeteria. Credit cards accepted.

All profits from our store supports our tournament and provide some assistance for South Metro Global Finals teams. Along with our t-shirt, sweatshirts and pins sales our store will have snacks, candy and drinks during the day.

Beginning around 3:30 we will be selling light ups for the Party.
Party and Awards Ceremony

Because not all teams will move on to the State Tournament, we feel it is especially important to celebrate the success all our South Metro teams have had during the year. Therefore.... IT'S PARTY TIME!

The Party - This year’s Party will begin at 4pm in the gym. There will be games, dancing, and generally lots of fun. Warning to parents - This is LOUD. Feel free to bring ear plugs. If your team will be sitting on the floor for awards bring a blanket to sit on.

Awards Ceremony - We will begin at 5pm or when the scores are final. The DJ will announce when it is time for the Rising Stars to line up for the Rising Stars parade. Rising Stars teams will receive Rising Star medals and lead the troops in the Toody-Ta. We request that all teams stay until all the challenge awards have been presented. We have successfully kept the Awards Ceremony to 1 hour for the last 4 years, this year should be no different. Final Scores will be posted in the hallway after the ceremony but no paper scores will be returned the teams. (see mobile scoring in the last newsletter) Scores will be on the web site no later than 7:00 pm.
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