To Our Valued Customers:

The past several weeks has brought about changes to our daily lives that we have not seen before. As people all over the world take measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, we, at EMBROIDME-BRAMPTON are maintaining the continuity of business operations for now, so that we may continue to serve you through this difficult period.
We know there will be wide concern about product availability with disruptions to the global supply chains we all rely on. We have conducted a vendor by vendor assessment of vulnerability and are confident in our inventory position, both generally and particularly with those vendors deemed to have greater than average exposure to supply chain disruption due to COVID-19. 
COVID-19 represents a global health crisis, and to say we are sailing uncharted waters would be an understatement. At EMBROIDME-BRAMPTON , we believe in a shared responsibility as members of the broader global community to do all we can to support public health, the health of our industry, and the economy, as we all work together to overcome this unprecedented challenge. We greatly value your partnership and are here to support you in any way we can.
We will keep you updated in the coming days and weeks.

Michael MacKinnon
EmbroidMe Brampton