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Diapers, Diapers, Diapers

Miracle Babies Chief Operations Officer, Marianela Camarillo, spoke with CBS 8 about our Diaper Drives to support San Diego parents in need of diapers.
Special Delivery

Our Miracle Babies Shuttle, Special Delivery , is ready to transport parents from their home to hospital to be united with their hospitalized newborn. This shuttle is named "Agnes" and is the first in our fleet. To maintain social distancing we will be limited on how many parents we can transport per trip. We are in immediate need of another shuttle van. Donate to our next shuttle

Diaper Distributions

This past month we launched drive thru diaper distributions for San Diego County families. We hosted four Diaper Distributions throughout the county serving nearly 1000 families this past month. Special thanks to National City's Mayor Sotelo-Solis, and Scripps Healthcare for providing us parking lots to distribute diapers to families in need. These distributions wouldn't be possible without support from the San Diego Foodbank and our wonderful volunteers! Volunteers include members from the SCIENCE FICTION COALITION, thank you all!

With the help of many, over $20,000 has been donated in memory of Majid Daneshmand. In lieu of flowers, the Daneshmand family requested donations be made to Miracle Babies for the purchase of the "Papa" shuttle. Thank you for donating in memory of Majid: Black Family Foundation, Erich and Della Koenig Foundation, La Jolla IVF, San Diego Neonatology, Delaram M., Jo Marie J., Sony B., Mary L., Kamran T., Roman S., Atoosa S., Athena B., Arij F., Mary P., Einat D., Parham K., Tyler H., Tamara L., Maria A., Sana R., Reza T., Aazam E., Esther R., Elizabeth W., Kirstin L., Marianela C., and Laura A. If you would like to learn more about Majid Daneshmand or make a contribution in his memory, click here.

“Even in darkness it is possible to create light and encourage compassion." -Elie Wiesel (Author of Night )
Thank You To These Generous Supporters
Thank you to 5K sponsor Progenity ! Your supports allows us to help parents with babies in the NICU now!
Progenity helps patients and their families Prepare for Life, with medically relevant health information starting before conception, through pregnancy and adulthood.
We are grateful for the continued support we have received from Progenity!
Thank you to Fayfaire for our latest shipment of onesies! These signature onesies are placed in our Care Packages for parents with hospitalized newborns. To date Fayfaire has donated over 4,000 onesies to Miracle Babies.
Milk Stork , the first-ever breast milk shipping company, launched MotherShop™ this past month. Supporting ‘Moms on a Mission’, the MotherShop features innovative and unique parenting essentials that were created by moms with moms in mind. By shopping the curated collection, customers can spend knowing they are supporting other mom-founded small businesses and that one percent of sales will be donated to Miracle Babies .
Thank you to Foresters Financial for purchasing and helping fill 500 water bottles with fabric Miracle Babies masks. These items will keep breastfeeding moms hydrated and their newborns protected while spending hours at the hospital.
Thank you to these wonderful people who donated masks for the NICU families we serve. Due to COVID-19, parents have to wear face masks in the NICU. This can be an added stressor for these families. We appreciate the love and attention that goes into each handmade mask. Thank you:
  • Ivy Lam
  • Foresters
  • Girl Scout Troops
A huge thank you to these gracious people for donating diapers to our diaper drive. While majority of our diapers are from the San Diego Food Bank, we still have purchased diapers. We appreciate the following individuals for donating diapers.
Thank you:
  • Elisa J.
  • Leslie and Mitchell R
  • Sandy C.
  • Kim H.
  • Sara R.
  • Miriam S.
  • Scripps Mercy
Thank you to our amazing Orange County volunteers for delivering Care Packages, baby clothes and face masks to NICU families at UC Irvine Medical Center . A special thank you to the NICU Social Workers who helped distribute these items to the NICU families.
Upcoming Events:
Sunday, August 16, 2020
 Help us raise $100K to purchase two more shuttles to fulfill our mission to unite parents with hospitalized newborns.
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Keepsake Tribute Boards
Have you ever seen the incredibly cute Tribute Boards during the Miracle Babies 5K?

Now is your chance to purchase a Keepsake Tribute Board for your loved ones! When you purchase a Keepsake Tribute Board we will place it on the 5K course for the run/walk. When the 5K is over you will have the opportunity to take your board home or you can leave it with us for the following years 5K. This is what we will need for a 5K Tribute Board:
  1. Before and After pictures
  2. Some birth information (date of birth, weight, gestational age, interesting facts, etc.)
  3. If your loved one is still in the hospital, how they are doing now or if the board is in memory of someone
These boards are meant to bring hope and inspiration to parents who have been through similar experiences while participating at the 5K. You can purchase a board whether you are registered for the 5K or not.

Keepsake Tribute Board -- $40

Click here t o purchase
Miracle Babies had this impact in May 2020: 

  • Provided $7,450 in gas cards to 34 families with babies in the NICU during COVID-19

  • Hosted 5 Virtual “Miracle Hours” connecting dozens of NICU parents to one another. Having a NICU baby can be isolating and overwhelming. Having a baby in the NICU during the COVID-19 pandemic adds new stressors.

  •  105 care packages were delivered to 6 hospitals.  These packages contain contents intended to support parents who spend considerable time in the NICU breastfeeding and providing “kangaroo care”.
If you are interested in volunteering or making an in-kind donation, please contact info@miraclebabies.org .
Thank you to the following Facebook friends who “hosted” Facebook fundraisers in May to raise money for Miracle Babies: Matt Reed, Travis Enslow, Jennifer Marshall, Laura Applegate, Doesit Matter, Rosa Orozco, Heather Imeson, Lauren Saba, and Ashley Goldstone -we appreciate each one of you!
If you are interested in “hosting” your own Facebook fundraiser for Miracle Babies, go to the Fundraiser section of the Miracle Babies page and click on “Raise Money” or click below.
Miracle Baby Jayden
Meet Miracle Baby Jayden! Jayden was born on June 13th of 2019 at 32 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. He weighed only 2 lbs 13 oz at birth. Miracle Mom Zenaida thanks Miracle Babies for all the help during Jayden’s month long stay in the NICU. We love seeing his progress and look forward to more updates!
Each month, “Special Delivery” will spotlight a “Miracle Worker” – someone who contributes to make Miracle Babies great!
Jaimie Kurtz-Prowse
Meet Jaimie proud mom of two little boys, realtor and hairdresser! Jaimie has donated her time and talent to Miracle Babies for almost a decade! Her diverse skill sets helps Miracle Babies in many ways from styling hair to moms on hospitalized bedrest to providing real estate signs at the 5K. Jaimie's oldest son Dominic spent fifty days in the NICU. When Jaimie was thirteen weeks pregnant it was discovered that her son Dominic had gastroschesis. Suddenly single and self employed during the fall of the economy in 2009, economic fear was 2nd to the fear of the battle her baby boy would face! During a families stay in the NICU the one and only care in the world is their baby thriving and bringing them home, but the world still goes round. Gas, utilities, rent/mortgage, groceries and the list goes on but all of that should be the last thing a family should be worried about. Just loving their baby and let mom heal should be the top priority. Jaimie received financial help from Kaiser Foundation and knew she had to pay it forward for the rest of her days! Volunteering with Miracle Babies fills her heart with joy and Dominic gets to see first hand how giving back matters!
Recently, Jaimie and her son have been volunteering at the Diaper Drives. Thank you Jaimie and family for continually dedicating your time and talent to Miracle Babies!