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Providing Transportation Assistance in LA

March 1st, we kicked off our Transportation Assistance Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Our "Pappa" shuttle is now assisting families in Los Angeles to ensure every parent has the opportunity to get to their newborn(s) in the hospital.
Miracle Babies had this impact in February 2021:

  • The Miracle Babies Shuttles logged more than 1700 miles driving parents from home to hospital

  • Delivered 91 care packages to Southern California hospitals

  • Hosted 4 Virtual Miracle Hours connecting dozens of NICU parents to one another. Having a NICU baby can be isolating and overwhelming. Having a baby in the NICU during the COVID-19 pandemic adds a whole new set of stressors

  • Distributed more than 43,600 diapers to 450 families

Thank You to These Sponsors!
Thank you to The Country Friends for providing Miracle Babies grant support of our essential programs. Their mission is to support local agencies who provide services for women, children, elderly, military, and persons with disabilities. One of their sources of funds, is their Consignment Shop located in Rancho Santa Fe. Purchases become a contribution which ensures the continuation and growth of The Country Friends giving program.

We are grateful to have support from Country Friends.
Thank you COVIS for your benefactor sponsorship at our coming "Chicken Soup" event with Dr. Eger.
Covis Pharma is a leading, global specialty pharmaceutical company that is focused on providing therapeutic solutions for patients with life-threatening conditions and chronic illnesses. Covis’ paramount concern is patient outcomes and focuses on improving the lives of people with serious medical conditions. Headquartered in Luxembourg with operations in Switzerland, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, Covis Pharma’s success is driven by a team of over 275 employees worldwide.
Live from Dr. Eger's living room, a virtual "Chicken Soup for the Soul" style discussion on "Managing Stress During Difficult Times". The program will include a Q & A session.
Ticket proceeds benefit MY BRAIN & MY BABY, a new program inspired by Dr. Eger to provide mental health services for any mom with a complicated pregnancy. There is a great deal of stress with any pregnancy complication which can lead to increased risk for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Learn more
Thank you to the following Facebook friends who “hosted” Facebook fundraisers in February to raise money for Miracle Babies: Jo Ann Levitan and Lynn Ray -we appreciate you!
If you are interested in “hosting” your own Facebook fundraiser for Miracle Babies, go to the Fundraiser section of the Miracle Babies page and click on “Raise Money” or click below.
Miracle Baby Vanya
Meet miracle baby Vanya who was born in September of 2017. Vanya spent her first 5 months of life between the NICU and the CVICU. Miracle Mom Tanya knew her daughter was going to be born with Down Syndrome but had no idea what else was to come. Vanya was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). Since her birth, Vanya has undergone two heart surgeries and many catheterizations. Vanya will most likely have more procedures in the future but for now, she is a happy and healthy 3 year old!

Tanya gives this advice to other CHD parents, "Just keep it strong. Heart warriors are a pure inspiration and I promise you'll be a super parent too!"

Each month, “Special Delivery” will spotlight a “Miracle Worker” – someone who contributes to make Miracle Babies great!
Nazy Daneshmand
Meet Dr. Nazy Daneshmand, president and founder of our Los Angeles Miracle Circle. The MBLA Auxiliary Circle brings together philanthropic and innovative Angelenos to serve as goodwill ambassadors who support the work of Miracle Babies through fundraising, community outreach, and advocacy. Nazy is a wife and mother to three teenage children that are also actively leading the MBLA junior auxiliary circle.

Professionally Nazy is a board-certified periodontist in Los Angeles at MD Periodontics. Nazy is led by the vision of providing top-level and holistic periodontic care to all their patients. Dr. Daneshmand has also excelled in the field of antimicrobial therapy. Her articles have been published and syndicated in numerous publications, including the Journal of Periodontal Research. Thank you Nazy and family for all you do for Miracle Babies!