Tuesday, October 27, 2020

You are invited to participate in the School Services of Montana Spring 2021 Co-op Food Program Food Order opening Monday, November 2nd! Our program, available for ALL K-12 schools and child based organizations in Montana and select counties in Wyoming, provides quality food and food service supply items at substantial cost savings through high-volume bid purchasing. Each participant, regardless of their order size, receives the same price for all items, and each district is guaranteed delivery to their location. This order window runs for the entire month and closes on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. All orders and signed signature pages are due no later than the close of business on 12/1/20.

For complete program details and ordering instructions, please CLICK HERE.
US Foods will continue to be your distributor for the remainder of this school year, and payments for individual deliveries should be sent to US Foods. For questions about the delivery schedule or issues with the items you receive, please contact your bid rep directly:

  • US Foods-Billings: Tammie Claassen, tammie.claassen@usfoods.com, 406-698-1918
  • US Foods-Spokane: Carmen Steele, carmen.steele@usfoods.com, 509-483-7746

In an effort to make this program as valuable as possible to districts who utilize the Summer Food Service Program (during the actul summer), the Spring Delivery Schedule now has a FIFTH DELIVERY PERIOD* to support your summer programs! Orders for Delivery 5 (D5) will arrive just in time for your summer snack/lunch/creative genius program, and you'll see that 5th column on your order worksheet FOR SUMMER ORDERS ONLY. Delivery 5 begins Monday, May 24, so keep that in mind when filling out your worksheets.

For those of you who participated in the Fall 2020 order, you're familiar with the barrage of shorts and cancellation of items due to manufacturing issues (including discontinued product and back-orders). I know what a pain it is when this happens unexpectedly and the curveball it throws into your meal planning. I have updated all items that have changed manufacturer, price, and/or case pack size in the Marketplace, our online ordering website.

- The Spring 2021 order worksheet will be available on or before Monday, Nov. 2nd -

Several items are experiencing shortages with an unknown resolution date (could be sooner or later...IDK), and I've listed these items on the worksheet A handful of items have been discontinued. I also made the difficult decision to remove the vinyl and nitrile gloves from the order for the Spring 2021 order ONLY due to current ridiculous prices and completely unreliable availability. You'll also see these changes reflected on the Spring 2021 order worksheet AND in the Marketplace. Please make a special note of the overhaul of these items:

Item 622: powdered donut hole, IW - is now the apple-filled donut from Baker Boy
Item 52: lite mayonnaise, (4) 1 gal. case - switched manufacturers to Kraft
Item 236: garlic powder, 6 lb. container - switched to GRANULATED in a 24 oz. container
Item 74: powdered sugar, 25 lb bag - switched to a (12) 2 lb. case, White Satin

  • Delivery 1 Jan 18 - Feb 5
  • Delivery 2 Feb 15 - Mar 5
  • Delivery 3 Mar 15 - Apr 2
  • Delivery 4 Apr 12 - Apr 30
  • Delivery 5* May 24 - Jun 11 (*summer programs only)
I look forward to serving all of you for the remainder of the 20-21 school year. Please reply to this email if you have updates to share for my records, like changes in Food Service Directors, emails, etc, or if you would like to schedule a 1-on-1 appointment for a program overview.

And thank you for everything YOU do! I appreciate you all.

~Jennifer : )

Jennifer Brekke
Co-op Food Program Manager
(406) 255-7174 New Office #
(406) 580-7547 cell Best # to reach me
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