Spring's new life and vivid blooms remind us to
Share in the Joy and
Beauty of Each Day
Unprecedented for All of Us

Never before have we been asked to work together so diligently for the collective good of us all. We have a new appreciation for the physical interactions and spaces that were part of our daily life. We feel this just as keenly as all of you.

We miss our students, our days together, our 1:1 sessions of creativity and thought. We have realized quite deeply just how much our connection to one another adds to our lives.

We look forward to returning to our physical space at the Legacy Center just as soon as possible and realize that this is not solely dependent on the safer-at-home mandate being lifted, but also on our individual comfort level in sharing space once more. We put health and well-being above all else and together will decide when our community can physically come together again.

Until then, we wish all of you and your families well. Be safe and stay healthy.
We are Essential to Each Other
Our leadership has certainly not been sitting idle. We've been collaborating remotely and working to build meaningful content and interactions virtually. To support this effort, we decided to participate in the GoFundMe #GivingTuesday Charity Grant Program May 5th - May 10th.
We hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about our non-profit organization through our video story and perhaps consider a donation to enable us to continue our work on a new virtual platform and into the future when we can gather again at the Legacy Center.
1:1 Virtual Art Classes

Online individual art classes are now available. Rachel has worked hard to migrate her creativity and inspirational instruction to our virtual platform. Sessions are available in either 30 minute or 1 hour blocks.
We've seen a new sense of independence in our students
as they continue to grow their artistry.
Pay Us a Virtual Visit

We're meeting every Friday online from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm for a full program including movement, mindfulness, literacy, gaming and fun. We even have lunch together! Please email us if you would like to join us for this no-cost meetup of friends and peers.

Set to Go...but Now on Pause

Our new program, Mind Thrive, was set to launch in April
but has been delayed due to our temporary closure.
We thought we would introduce you to this new after-school program just so you know that it will be available when schools reopen.

A Happy Mind is a Learning Mind! 

Mind Thrive provides a holistic and transformational curriculum that nurtures every child’s yearning to learn as well as gain skill mastery.

Mind and Body Fit sessions offer a variety of experiences and targeted skills practice in: movement, mindful awareness, academic skills, positive psychology, behavior fundamentals, executive functioning, social-emotional learning, creativity, public speaking and neuroscience.

Mind Thrive provides the grounding every child needs to develop, grow, and maximize their potential.
Wishing All Our Moms a Very
Happy Mother's Day
Since we cannot be together, we want to take this opportunity to offer this virtual tribute to all our Moms:

  1. Pour yourself a cup of something warm or cold
  2. Sit down and click the link below
  3. Take 5 minutes to enjoy (feel free to sing along, sorry for the ads!)
  4. Wrap yourself in a hug and know how much you are love
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