It's Time to Find Joy in your Journey
"I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself... AND I am loving the journey."
What if I told you there is a way to truly enjoy the journey that you are on? That even though it might be rough from time to time, it won't last forever, and you'll be a better person, employee, spouse, or even boss for it?

So, how do we find that joy? Easy. Get help! Don't seclude yourself while you travel through the steps it takes to get to where you want to be. Having a team of people supporting you and encouraging you through the good and bad helps both feel so much more joyous upon completion. Understand that this is in fact a journey, and not a race that can be rushed through. In the end taking your time, focusing on one step at a time, and finding that joy will make it worth the while.

Here at CASY & MSCCN we understand that it isn't just about the rung of the ladder you are currently on, but rather the landing at the top of the ladder that often matters most.

How your Job Search is a lot like Dating
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You’re on the hunt… ready and searching, but for what? I never really thought about searching for a job being like dating but, oddly enough, there are many similarities. For most of us, job hunting is a means to an end.  In that sense, it’s kind of like dating. People typically date to find someone and to get married, there’s an end goal. (Typically.) When you are searching for a job to get hired you also usually have an end goal, right?! To get hired-- preferably in a position that is both lucrative and enjoyable. There are five main areas where job-hunting and dating cross territory. Try thinking about each area as a way to become more comfortable in your job hunt (or dating life) and make small changes in your life to make each more impactful on your search.
Congratulations, Nicholas!
Gearing up to retire from the Air Force, Nicholas worked one-on-one with his CASY Employment Specialist on military experience translation, potential opportunities, interview tips and tricks, and even resume review and feedback.

"The assistance offered by CASY is amazing. I feel that regardless of an individual’s situation, work experience, or employment goal, connecting with a CASY counselor is a must. I have learned so much and I personally feel that my current success was more from the help I received from the counselor than any other transition program I attended. "

Six Tips for Making an Interviewer Love you
For more information on how to make your interviewer love you through self love, check out the full article here.
I'm not a Romantic, but I will commandeer Valentine's Day to talk about LOVE as it relates to the job hunt. You see, too many people apologize for themselves. They downplay their positive attributes and cast doubt on their true abilities and talents. And many of them do it in interviews. Take for instance the following exchange:

Interviewer: “I see here you won the yearly sales award in your last position. Tell me about that.”

Interviewee: “Oh, well, yeah, it’s really a small award. There weren’t a lot of other candidates for the award, but yeah, I received it. I only sold five percent more than the guy who came in second.”

Would you hire that candidate? 
Auto-Enrollment Registration: Employment Readiness Training with the Click of a Button
Choosing which training to take can be daunting, cant it? Our training department has come up with a simple solution- Auto-Enrollment! With the click of a button you can sign up for not only all of our live course offerings, but also all of our LMS (on-demand) courses too. Not only does this eliminate the overwhelming feeling you may get when faced with training choices, but it allows you to work through the training as a series, building each week throughout the process.

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