Garden Photos
Tucked in-between JPII’s school and adult wings is a beautiful garden, tended with love and great care by a dedicated group of volunteers.

“It’s not just gardening when the other volunteers and I come to plant, weed and water – it’s a gathering of friends,” shares Priscilla P., the growing force behind Mary’s Garden. Providing beautiful gardens for the students, adults and staff to enjoy, learn and benefit from is important to Priscilla and to all the volunteers who come to lovingly tend Mary’s Garden.

Special features include:
  • Pizza garden – Shaped just like a pizza pie, this garden includes tomatoes, basil, garlic, peppers, oregano and other herbs or toppings that you would find on pizza, although Priscilla added that there are no pineapple or bacon plants!
  • Sensory garden – New and nearing completion this garden has scented and tactile plants to stimulate the students’ and adults’ senses.
  • Animal garden – Features plants with animal or insect names: Lamb’s Ear, Tick Weed, Ostrich Fern, Mouse Ear Hosta, Snap Dragon, Alligator Slipper, Toad Lily, Turtle Head and a Dogwood Tree!
  • Composters – Students and adults put plant-based food scraps and eggshells from the cafeteria in the tumblers and rotate to learn more about the composting process.
  • Root viewing gardens – Sliding panels on the raised brick planters reveal clear panels so students and adults can study root development on plants such as carrots, potatoes and peanuts.