SunRail offers all of us the opportunity to ride the train to many of the season’s special events and games. Plus, it’s just fun to take the train!
Special Southbound 1 0:30PM service for Magic home games, Dec. 5, 7, 19, 26, 28 & 31.
Longwood Celebrate The Season & Annual Tree Lighting
Present SunRail ticket for one FREE trackless train ride or a synthetic ice skating pass from the ticket booth. ...
C hristmas In The Park at
Winter Park
Ride to the Winter Park Station on Thursday, Dec. 6, for the 40 th annual outdoor exhibition…
FREE Trolley Service, From the SunRail Station to Sanford
SunRail to Downtown Sanford Events. Connects with SunRail, Mondays - Fridays at Noon…
Familiarize yourself with the Ticket Vending Machine and buying a ticket
Boarding the Train
The train will be arriving at the station soon, and you're ready to get onboard…
The SunRail Business Development team can help your business educate employees about SunRail through presentations,transit-trainings & with collateral.
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