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EDITION: June 1st , 2022

Put Your Pay (Range) Where Your Mouth Is

When you’re posting a job opening (and who isn’t these days), know that quality candidates expect to see a pay range. If there’s no pay range, they won’t apply.

In fact, SymmetryHIRE sees a 70% increase in submitted resumes when a job post includes the pay range.

It’s considered the most important part of a job posting.

Hiring managers have a lot of excuses for not including the pay range – but none of them are valid in today’s workplace.

And get ready: Colorado, Washington, and California have passed laws to mandate the inclusion of a pay range.

It’s not going away.

Put Your Pay (Range) Where Your Mouth Is (Symmetry Blog) 

" Can I Keep Working From Home?"

HR professionals are hearing this all the time. There’s no longer an automatic “yes/no” decision to remote work requests, writes Karina Sterman.

Handling Increased Employee Requests to Telework in the Post-Pandemic Return to the Workplace (The Laboring Oar)

Reimbursing Employees for Cell Phone Use

Employers are supposed to reimburse employee’s cell phone use in most cases. Here are the details from Landegger Verano & Davis ALC

Reimbursing Employees’ Cell Phone Use (via LinkedIn)

Like a Part-Time Recruiter! SymmetryHIRETM

Do you have the time to properly recruit, interview, hire, update your careers page and hire? Not a lot of businesses do.

So, we’ve created SymmetryHIRE to support your recruiting and hiring function. We’re not headhunters. Instead, we’ve developed a unique process that takes the mundane parts of posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and screening applicants.

All at a fraction of the cost of that headhunter.

Find out more about how SymmetryHIRE can help you save time, money and stress.

After all, hiring is the most important thing any leader can do.

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