Issue 15 - September, 2021
A Unique, Inspirational Prison Dog
Training Program

  1. What is this Dog?
  2. Do dogs mourn?
  3. Meet Tia Torres from Pitbulls and Parolees
  4. It's time! Two September Events!
  5. Second Chances Mobile Art Gallery
  6. Maggie Mae's DNA Results

What is this Dog?
I’m Maggie Mae Berry, and I am one lucky gal! When I was only 5 months old, Miss Machelle rescued me and brought me to the Paws in Prison program. I was so sick then that she had to carry me all the way from the parking lot to the Dog Dorm. But the nice ladies there took such good care of me that I was soon well. I had great trainers and I must be pretty smart because I was ready to be adopted in 3 months. When my new parents came to meet me, I knew all my basic obedience skills and some pretty cute tricks.  

In my forever home, I am the Official Timekeeper. I tell Dad twice a day when it’s chow time for me and my sis. I have to remind my whole family of our bedtime by going into our bedroom and getting into my bed in my crate. My biggest accomplishment is being a registered Pet Partner. That’s right; I’m part of an international pet therapy group. Most dogs can’t pass their evaluation when they’re as young as I was, but what can I say? I had great teachers! 

Before the dog-gone Pandemic, Mom and I visited senior care facilities, universities, and elementary schools decked out in our official Pet Partner gear. I do know how to make people happy! I weigh 28 pounds and am 18 inches tall. 

Can you guess my DNA? Bet you’ll be surprised!
We lost our Paws in Prison dog Muffin in June. She was 14 and had cancer. I tried to prepare for it, but that was impossible to do. What helps is remembering the joyful times with her - like when folks from church came over and she worked the room, going from one person to the next, standing there waiting until they stopped petting her then moving on to the next person. And how she snuggled next to me when I watched TV, draping her front leg over my leg. Her spot is painfully empty now. But I wasn't the only one who grieved - our other dog Tater did too. There is no doubt in my mind that the love Muffin gave to us far outweighs the grief we experience now that she is gone. Take a look at the next article - do you believe dogs mourn and grieve?


After we lost Muffin (right), we took in a foster dog for a few weeks, then he left. Then my husband and I went on a vacation, leaving Tater with a pet sitter. Tater (left) lost his appetite and didn't want to play fetch or tug, just laying around. He lost his sister Muffin, then a foster dog we had for a few weeks, then his Mom and Dad went on a trip without him. So do you believe that Tater was grieving?

Now that we are back home he is once again our happy, playful cuddle boy. That gave me an idea for the newsletter - what do you think, do they mourn, or is it just a disruption in their normal routine?


From September 1 - 31 enter your pet's photo then start soliciting votes from your friends and family to win some great prizes (and even if you don't win, we will be so grateful for the votes you were able to get)!

Beginning September 1 and throughout the month of September, you can enter the Cutest Critter Photo Contest by clicking HERE. The sooner you enter the more time you have to get more votes!

It only costs $5 to enter then $1 per vote - and voters can vote as often and as many times as they want to help you win - you can even vote for your own photo! There is a real-time ongoing count of everyone's votes.

You will have a chance to win:

  1. A one week stay in a 3 bedroom, ocean view condo that sleeps up to 6 people in Grand Cayman in September or October of 2022
  2. A Restaurant Gift Card Package worth $500
  3. $170 in Gift Cards to Pet Supplies Plus
  4. A hostess Charcuterie Board with goodies included in a PIP Tote Bag
  5. Four James Avery animal related charms
  6. A "Bark Box" full of toys and treats for your canine
  7. A $100 HEB gift card - one each for 4 different winners
  8. An HEB gift basket worth $100 for one winner
  9. A certificate for 6 months of unlimited self-serve dog baths at Dirty Dog
  10. A custom 2022 Cutest Critter calendar highlighting the top 12 winners

Time is running out! We have been adopting dogs since 2007 and you tell us all the time how much they mean to you - so please also tell the Petco Love Foundation too! If you have a Paws in Prison dog right now, regardless of what year you adopted, please share in what ways your dog has changed your life by September 20, 2021. More details are available by clicking the button below.

You may know you have a great story, but don't feel like you are a good enough writer. Petco allows us to help you edit your story, but you have to write it and submit it to them. For editing help, send your story to:

Go ahead, just do it right now!

You may have seen her episodes on Animal Planet as the star, along with her animal sidekicks. Her life is fascinating and her heart is bigger than the planet. What she wants to do for parolees is give them opportunities to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of animals, and she contacted us to provide an amazing opportunity for the Paws in Prison Lockhart ladies. Our Paws in Prison Parolees can apply to be interns and learn various aspects of animal training to help them jump-start their future. This program is based in New Orleans, and we are unsure how the recent hurricane will affect it, so we will let you know more when we know more. This goes right along with our October Second Chances event you will read about below.

from 6:30-8:30 PM!

Have you ever wanted a second chance? Or maybe you have been in a position to give someone else a second chance? The Friends of Paws in Prison Board believes in second chances. We have started a scholarship fund for the ladies who have participated in the Paws in Prison program after they are paroled. We invite you to help with this endeavor by attending our first in-person or virtual fundraising event in several years. We will be hosting the Second Chances Mobile Art Gallery fundraiser benefitting the Friends of Paws in Prison Scholarship Fund. The event is on Thursday, October 7th at The Jewel, a lovely coffee house/bar located at 1102 S. Alamo in San Antonio from 6:30-8:30.

If you attend in person, you will be able to view and purchase original art created by the women who reside at the Lockhart Correctional Facility, the home of the Paws in Prison program. We will provide heavy appetizers and you will view a short documentary about Paws in Prison produced by an award-winning Hollywood director. You will enjoy this event sitting in the lovely tree shaded outdoor area at The Jewel. Both in-person and virtual participants will get to purchase raffle tickets for some amazing prizes and/or participate in crowdfunding options. We are so excited about this one-of-a-kind event so keep an eye out on our social media and website for ticket information and details about the raffle items and artwork.

Maggie Mae's DNA Results
Did you get any of them right?

25% American Staffordshire Terrier
12.5% Labrador Retriever
12.5% Short Haired Dachshund
50% Mixed Breed Group

If you have your pup's DNA results, please send them to:
along with a couple of photos.


To all of you who have helped us in any capacity last month, we are deeply grateful. We're sorry if we have omitted any names here - we do not always know the names of our Friends of Paws in Prison angels!

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