Five-Minute Pitch Contest Coming Up!

We've made it to the end of a unique year. To everyone in the TVF family: Happy Holidays--and here's to 2021.

We're all looking forward to some fun right at the start of the year.

Our Five-Minute Pitch contest is happening on January 12!

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We have eight wonderful contestants vying for the 5MP title. January will be a dress rehearsal. The companies pitching will have the opportunity to present their ideas and then partner with a mentor to fine tune their pitches for the finals in March.
Take a Look at the 2021 5MP Contestants
We did a random drawing to determine the order of presentations, which is represented below.
RunBuddy, Inc.
From Scott Sutter, Co-Founder & CEO: "RunBuddy is a passion project. In 2018, after several high-profile murders of female joggers, my wife Ruthie and I were compelled to do something. We realized that the market did not provide a smartphone app that would privately keep a runner in constant connection with a friend or loved one. RunBuddy was our answer."
Third Room
From Yefei Jin, Co-Founder and CEO: "Third Room is a social network platform for curating deep relationships between industry and schools to unlock access and opportunity. Using social network analysis and predictive analytics, we selectively curate introductions between teachers, students, adult job-seekers, and local career professionals. Third Room currently partners with MassBioEd to bring this technology to the life sciences sector for rural students in Massachusetts."
From Marc Printz, CMO and Co-Founder: "Growbox is democratizing agriculture by empowering small farmers to leverage precision crop data to automate and optimize their greenhouses for increased profitability, no matter the size of their operation."
From Felix Moser, CEO: "Synlife is a biotherapeutic startup developing synthetic cell technologies as an innovative drug delivery solution. Founded in 2017 based on technology invented at MIT, Synlife aims to make bottom-up engineering of cell-like nanoparticles a reality. Current nanoparticle and living cell technologies are limited by their safety profiles and capabilities."
From Asit Goel, CEO: "There are over 40 million commercial fleet vehicles including construction equipment representing a $50billion+ annual market. Even with use of GPS/Telematics, most equipment management and business spending is still done the old fashioned way using manual processes, siloed systems, and excel based reporting. We bring an end-to-end cloud based platform that improves productivity and performance through digital transformation, process automation, and data driven optimization to fleet owners at scale. We are helping owners of construction equipment, distribution and commercial fleets be more profitable by eliminating downtime and manual processes plaguing the fleet management space today."
Phenic Natural Skincare
From Sophia El-Hayek, Co-Founder: "Phenic was created out of the desire for effective yet pure natural skincare. Our story starts with Mediterranean olive oil; liquid gold that is full of skin healing nutrients and antioxidants, and an age-old family recipe passed down for generations. Our skincare products feature 100% olive derived squalane oil for glowing and radiant skin.
Our mission is to show skincare enthusiasts that they don't need to settle for less than healthy products that have been the norm in the industry for decades. We do this by formulating effective products through nature with minimal ingredients that everyone can clearly understand and know to be healthy."
TransCytos, LLC
From Otto Prohaska, Founder and CEO: "TransCytos, LLC., is a Human Therapy Instrumentation Company. Our platform technology enables personalized therapies through modification (“transfection”) of the patients’ own cells. Transfection allows the introduction of biomolecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins into cells to correct genetic defects and enhance therapeutic capabilities of human immune cells to combat and cure devastating diseases."
From Tyler Scionti, Founder: "Centori is a web platform that guides marketers and founders how to do SEO effectively and empowers them to build a strategy that works unlike leading SEO software which is too technical for the average marketer. We have blended intuitive SEO software with education to empower teams to get more traffic from Google and grow. We were founded in 2018 and are currently based in Worcester at the WorcLab."
Register here.
January 12 will be judgment free.
So join us to hear the great ideas and root on the contestants!
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