ESL/ABE Newsletter – Issue 14 – 12/01/2020
Stay Connected, Stay Learning! | ¡Sigue Conectado, Sigue Aprendiendo!
ANALYTICAL! Our instructors are dedicated and analytical! They help solve problems using carefully thought-out, well organized, and systematic options. Our instructors use their lessons to introduce these analytical problem-solving skills to you. They will help you develop the necessary skills for work or to continue your post-secondary education. They are extraordinary!

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Currently, our program has 26 GED & ESL classes (8 ABE/GED and 18 ESL), a transition class, and many NEDP students actively engaged.  
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Our Instructional Team
Our instructors are a multicultural and diverse group. They come to you with advanced degrees, a variety of career accomplishments, and exceptional life experiences. These experiences enhance the lessons taught to you during each class. We encourage you to reach out to them when you have an issue or concern. Let’s celebrate your teacher this holiday season.
Do you recognize your teacher from these statements?
  • I lived in Japan for 7 years
  • I have traveled to 12 different countries. 
  • I embrace the differences in people and understand everyone learns differently.
  • I truly care about the students’ well-being: personally, and professionally.
  • I lived outside the United States before I went to college
  • I was once in their shoes… nothing should stop them from achieving their goals
Our instructors can help you solve problems like:
  • Finding your voice in class
  • Understanding fractions
  • Learning about new resources available to you
  • Making medical appointments
  • Being available to you 24/7
  • Problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Navigating your virtual classroom

We know our ESL/GED teachers are much more than instructional staff. They instruct and teach, guide and support, and lead you to successfully complete your program.

These comments embrace what we believe and feel at the Adult Education Department of Chesapeake College. One instructor states: “I LOVE my students and how I am able to be a part of their education that can empower them. I also LOVE the people I work with.” Another teacher comments: “I enjoy immensely working with the deep cultural heritage and range of many of our ESL student body. It is at once challenging and very rewarding.”
Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. 
-- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Star Students:
Teofila Martinez and Sebastian Hernandez-Palacios!
Teo is amazing. She gives 100% at everything she does in class, as well as outside of class. Teo truly has a hunger to learn anything and everything she can. She also wants her classmates to succeed and has taken a genuine interest in them. Whether it is asking questions during class, striking up a virtual conversation with a classmate, participating in WhatsApp conversations, or doing learning outside the classroom, Teo has a zest for learning.
I can’t wait to see where this amazing journey takes her! 
Instructor: Stephanie Franklin (Class #2020 ESL).
Sebastian is a hard-working family man. He is eager to learn but sometimes is very hard and down on himself. Recently he re-tested and he went up a level, from 211 to 230. This is huge for Sebastian. Due to this great achievement, he deserves recognition as student of the month for his hard work and dedication to the program and his education. He is a great role model for his family. Instructor: Malica E. Dunnock (Class #2050 ESL). 
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Brain Game
An ANAGRAM is a word or group of words formed by transposing the letters of another word or series of words. Solve these state names of the United States by rearranging the letters of the capitalized words in each sentence.
  1. The dollar gold COIN is A FRAIL one and so it is not made anymore. (CALIFORNIA)
  2. The BEAR fell into the canoe and SANK it.
  3. The KEY  to the door was very WORN.
You can find the answers in our next issue!
TEACHER’S CORNER: Solution to last issue’s Brain Game:
9 - 4 + 2 - 3 = 4
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Elaine Wilson
ESL and GED Program Director
Chesapeake College
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