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June 2, 2022

Six Common Mistakes A New Manager Makes

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People get promoted because they sell the most widgets, or they’re the hardest worker. Perhaps they're promoted because they're the smartest person in the room. Many promotions (you know this) are because that person kissed the most ass.

But none of those reasons translates into successful leadership.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes a new manager makes.

Mistakes a New Manager Makes (Tanzanite Leadership Blog)

Important Questions To Ask To Become a Better Leader

Great leaders ask more questions than provide answers. However, not many leaders practice this enough (yours truly included).

Alaina Love explores some important questions any leader – including you – can ask.

Important questions to ask to become a better leader (SmartBrief)

The ‘Un-Retirement’ Trend?

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There was a great retirement early in the pandemic.

Now, it seems, about 1.7 million of those people have ‘un-retired’. Workplaces seem safer, the stock and housing markets have started to decline, and there are a whole lot of available jobs out there.

Are people starting to Un-Retire?

There’s an Un-Retirement Trend (CNBC)

Things I Read That Interested Me

This is Your Brain on Silence (Nautilus)

Surprise Joys of Being Back in the Office (WSJ)

A Few Beliefs (Collaborative Fund)

Who Makes Less Than $15 Per Hour? (Oxfam America)

Owning a Pet Can Slow Mental Decline (Study Finds)


I always thought burnout happened when you work too much. Now I get it. It’s investing emotionally and then not getting a return on that investment.

---Clint Byrum (@spamaps)

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