"Taxpayers against Pima Bonds" Committee Endorses Ally Miller


The Taxpayers against Pima Bonds committee was a grass roots effort to oppose the 2015 Pima County bonds and raised a little over $10,000.
I'm proud to have the endorsement from this grass roots group. I was the only Supervisor to vote against putting these bonds on the ballot and I actively campaigned against them. It was clear to me the bonds were full of pork and  give aways to special interests, while the taxpayers would be left holding the bag.  Enough is enough!!
 The pro bond committee, Yes On Pima County Bonds, raised $370,000 and the No committee raised a mere $10 thousand.  But the voters had had enough. 
This David and Goliath story shows how little trust the taxpayers have in Pima County. The video below shows what Democratic state representative Bruce Wheeler thought of the bonds.  He spoke about the Pima County bonds when I went to state legislature to testify on behalf of a bill I worked on with Representative Vince Leach, that would provide more transparency to taxpayers when voting on bonds.  
Bruce Wheeler on 2015 Pima County Bonds
Bruce Wheeler on 2015 Pima County Bonds
 If reelected I will continue to fight for the taxpayers of District 1. Together we can take back Pima County for the taxpayers!

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Check out my plan to fix our crumbling roads

Ally Miller is in her first term as Pima County Board of Supervisors in District 1. If you'd like to learn more about Ally go to her website:  www.allyforsupervisor.com and sign up on the email list.

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