Infinite Gratitude for Your Steadfast Belief in Us!

We're beaming with joy to announce that together, we've reached beyond the stars in our Twinkling Stars - Shining Light on Autism year-end campaign, achieving an outstanding $106,732 in donations!


We want to extend a virtual hug of appreciation to each one of you. Through your boundless warmth and generosity, we have not just met but exceeded our goals, empowering the remarkable students at The Victory Center.

You have made a huge difference in our students' progress!

Your giving has blazed a trail of noteworthy milestones for our students by nurturing remarkable strides in:


  • Improved Social Interactions: Your gifts have been the key to unlocking meaningful social exchanges through community-based instruction, enhancing our students' abilities to connect with others.
  • Record-breaking Enrollment: Your encouragement has propelled us to welcome the largest student body ever — a testament to the energy you've infused into our programs, creating a demand we're elated to meet with a waiting list for three of our programs!
  • Greater Independence: Your investment in our passionate educators and caretakers has been instrumental in our students' journeys towards self-reliance, broadening their horizons, and setting them on a course to environments that beckon their burgeoning independence.

With joy in our hearts, all of our students say a resounding THANK YOU for every act of kindness, every gesture of support, and every investment in a future brighter than we ever imagined.

These victories underscore the unique and transformative role you play within the heart of The Victory Center. Your faith in our mission, your altruistic spirit, and relentless backing cast a luminous glow on autism, fostering an environment where our students can embrace acceptance, feel cherished, and realize their capabilities.


Wishing you the same joy you've bestowed upon us.

From our hearts to yours


for all that you do!!!

The Victory Center

(305) 466-1142

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