Volume 1 | May 2021
Health and Wellness Newsletter
It’s ok to ask for help...we are in this TOGETHER!
And just like that, Q1 is over and we are deep in the midst of Q2. To think that we are already a quarter of the way through 2021 is a bit crazy and scary in some capacities. 

With business increasingly ramping up (huge shout out to our sales team!), life slowly going back to normal, and in turn all of our personal schedules are getting tighter and tighter (shout out to Sean Antle with three boys on baseball teams!). 

With these potentially more stressful, packed days of professional and personal obligations it is easy to feel overwhelmed. I, too, struggle with this personally. It is hard to remember sometimes that “this too shall pass”, especially when anxiety and stress are at an all time high. A great article on Healthline, outlines 16 ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Most of the methods are pretty simple, and most of us have heard them over and over again - however, there was one that really struck a chord with me and caused some deep thinking. 

The item of learning to say no is one that I most definitely struggle with. I want everyone to be happy, and not let anyone down. But, one thing that I have realized is that I am actually doing a disservice to both myself and others. When I am stressed or in an increased anxiety state, my quality of work and overall demeanor are impacted. If there is anything that I have learned over the last two months is that it is ok to ask for help (whether from a co-worker or through the newly announced EAP program).
It is not failing at all. Unfortunately, I worked at an organization where it was frowned upon to ask for help from others, and in turn, am constantly having to unlearn specific behaviors I picked up there. Here at The Anti, we are quite lucky to have a great group of Ants on the mound. I have never been told that someone can’t help me here. The problem for me personally lied within - I needed to ask for help in order for me to get help. I have to give a huge shout out to everyone that I am currently working with on my projects who have really leaned in when necessary to ensure our clients are provided with a great product and service. 

With May being Mental Health Awareness, I want to urge you all to hold yourself accountable for taking a quick walk throughout the day or practicing meditation. Contrary to what you may think, a simple 5-10 minute break (whether in the form of a walk, meditation, breathing exercise, or simple stretching) can provide a world of difference. Find an accountability partner, either at work or in your personal life. Make sure you are taking moments throughout the day to press ‘pause’. Who knows, you may find yourself more energized when you are able to reduce your stress and anxiety, and in turn become a bit more productive too!

Written by: Nick Gregory
Workout / Movement of the Month
To piggy back on the theme of workouts from the last newsletter, I have really been focusing on bodyweight, no equipment workouts. One of the classic workouts that I have done quite a few times is the deck of cards workout. There are a few variations, but one good example is from Jerard Bennett

With May being mental health awareness month I also wanted to have a mental training/exercise. The saying, if you believe it you can achieve it, is a pretty powerful and very true statement. As I mentioned before, practicing mindfulness is a great way to positively impact your mind. Mindfulness is also the practice of gratefulness. At first, this may be difficult, but each morning when you are brushing your teeth, or waiting for your coffee to brew think of 5 things you are grateful for. This can be as simple as, I am thankful for the coffee I am about to drink, my health, or the hot water that I have the luxury of having. This sets the brain on fire in a positive mindset, and in turn, can often leave you feeling a bit more energized. For me personally, it also adds a sense of context. When the proverbial shit hits the fan, you can take a step back and say “I am thankful for (insert the cause of the stress).” In the context of work it could be a statement like the following amidst the most stressful of times, I am thankful for our clients as they ensure I have a job and can provide for my family.
Food Corner
This month’s food corner is a bit different. I talked with our other resident foodie, Sean Antle, and he had the great idea of coming up with the cooking essentials of sort. Recipes that at their core, are essential to many other recipes. Enter, the perfect roast chicken. Bon Appetit!
About the Author
Nick Gregory
When Nick is not working with The Anti's clients to manage various projects, you can find Nick swimming, biking, and running through the Greenville, SC area. Nick has been racing triathlons since 2011 and Ironman distance triathlons since 2012 completing 10+ Ironman and 40+ Half Ironman races.