Congratulations Nasha!
It is with great pleasure and happiness to inform our readers that Ms. Nasha Francis has been promoted to a full-time position as our PAVE Administrator in Port Antonio. During this time of anxiety and uncertainty about the future of the world due to the COVID pandemic. It is necessary for us to focus on all the good and blessings taking place on a daily basis. 
Nasha has been employed with the PAVE organization since inception in 2018. At an early start of her working with us, we noticed Nasha’s love and passion for the students living in her community. She also demonstrated great leadership skills in all areas of her responsibilities. All of these qualities will be essential in leveraging PAVE Centre to the next level, which will include more classes such as; art, construction, computer and leadership. “It is a true pleasure to work with Nasha and see her grow through the past two years” says Executive Director, Audra Handal. 
Check out our newly launched online PAVE store, which can be found on our website under "SHOP PAVE."
Items include designs from #JAnewsjewels by Ms. Kate Francis along with woodwork crafted by some of our graduates under the direction of Mr. Weston.
100% of the proceeds will go directly to the program
A few words from Mr. Fitzroy McPherson, one of our graduates...
"The effect this pandemic has on the world is unexpected and is still a little unbelievable. This COVID-19 virus have us all feeling scared. With all the stay at home orders, lock-downs, and curfews, we are unable to do a lot of things such as working our normal hours to be able to make enough money to provide for our families. I am happy I get to work part time, even though I have to be working far less hours than I'm used to and receiving a lower pay rate. However, a little money is better than not having any form of income.
With this new "lifestyle" it sometimes causes my family and I to feel like we are being held captive in our own homes. It is hard to get use to it but we understand it is for the best. We try to entertain ourselves by playing games, watching movies and listening to music so we can stay sane in this pandemic. We do hope this virus gets under control soon so we can go back to our normal lives"
Our 2nd wave of care packages have been assembled!
"The secret of living is giving"