April 16, 2021
Dear Families of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School,
Next week begins our annual Iowa standardized assessments for 1st – 8th grades. Middle school will complete testing this week with Elementary extending into early next week. These tests are used primarily to drive instruction on our campus. The results of this test reveal our strengths and potential areas of improvement as we plan for the next academic year with the goal of continuing to enforce with those strong areas and providing scaffolding and reinforcement for areas that may not be completely mastered. Normally, these results are compared to those of the previous year. With IOWA scores not available from last year due to COVID, we will look at the results from the 2018-2019 year. We are also using our STAR assessments (from beginning, middle and end of year) to determine individual student growth as our focus is on each student and how he/she is growing academically. With students needing to be off-campus for various reasons this year, we are grateful to have two different methods to monitor our students. Our focus with this year’s Iowa testing is on Math and ELA. If students need to be absent and miss other subtests, our goal will be to focus on the completion of only the Math and ELA subject areas. Please do not plan appointments this upcoming week so that we can obtain a full picture of your student’s performance. Please make every effort to be to school on time, help your student to get good rest and eat a healthy breakfast!

Only by His Grace,

Veronica Tucker
During the week of April 19-26, students in 1st through 8th grades will be taking the IOWA Assessments as well as students in 1st through 7th grades will be taking the CogAT. It is important your child(ren) are in attendance.
  • Students should be on time by 8:00 a.m. on testing days.
  • Students not arriving by 8:00 a.m. will need to come back at 11:00 a.m. so as not to disrupt the testing environment.
  • Please do not schedule dentist or doctor appointments on these days.
We will continue to work closely with our local health department officials and the Catholic Schools Office to ensure the safety of our students and staff should the school experience a positive case of COVID-19. Please see the attached documents regarding screening of your students and on-campus requirements should someone test positive for COVID-19.
Havana Nights Gala | April 10, 2021 | The Woodlands Resort
While we are still calculating final expenses, we can comfortably announce that the Havana Nights Gala raised over $300,000 to sustain our operating expenses, enhance our programs, and improve our outdoor spaces.

We are so grateful to our chairs, Chrissy & Jason Piefer, and our entire gala committee for their tireless dedication to the success of Havana Nights. We couldn't do it without their help!

Thank you also to our sponsors and underwriters, and our participants in this year's event! Please take a look at this year's program to see all of the wonderful donors and supporters. We appreciate your patronage of the local businesses who do so much to help our students.
FOR 30 HOURS ONLY! Starting bids on all unsold items in our gala auction have been slashed and are now open for bidding until 8PM Saturday night (April 16)! There are still some great items available. Bid NOW!
This year’s Raise the Paddle was dedicated to enhancing our outdoor learning and community spaces. COVID forced us to adapt and to find creative solutions for non-traditional classrooms, maximizing our campus. It allowed us to see the long-term advantages of learning outdoors and having outside community gathering spaces. These enhanced spaces will provide our faculty with instructional flexibility, our students with much desired outdoor time and everyone with more usable and fun spaces. Long-term we aim to renovate our playground surfacing and equipment.

If you were unable to attend our gala and would like to contribute to these projects, click DONATE on the auction website to contribute!
We still have some great sign-up parties with spots available!
May 8 | CRAWFISH BOIL (Adult Party) (SOLD OUT!)

Click the links above to learn more about each event and purchase your spot(s)! Thank you to all of our hosts for sponsoring these fun events for the benefit of our school!
  • Thank you to Catherine & Mark Miller and Linda & Dan O'Hare for purchasing a Pizza/PJs Party & Ice Cream Social for 8-1 Religion!
  • If you would still like to purchase a class party, please contact advancement@staopcs.org.
  • The following classes have "maxed-out" on the number of parties that can be purchased: Pre-K3, Pre-K4A, KA-Smith, KB-Faw, 1A-Meyer, 1B-Doyle, 2A-Abib, 2B-Macora, 3A-Loyo, 3B-Preuss, 4B-Gambertoglio, 5A-Graff, 5B-Ramirez, 6-2 Religion, 7-2 Religion, 8-1 Religion, 8-2 Religion. Thank you!!

Congratulations to Christy Schmidt, grandparent of Amelia Schmidt, who won this year's Winner's Choice Raffle. We are still waiting to hear which trip she will choose!

  • Congratulations to the Ortega family for selling the most raffle tickets! You win a $200 Amazon Gift Card!
  • Congratulations to the Piefer family for selling the 2nd most raffle tickets! You win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Thank you to this year's Raffle Sponsor:
The library needs your help!! We are in need of volunteers to help us pull books from inventory and pack them to be donated to a school in need. Please feel free to sign up for any time slot available. Volunteers must be compliant with Safe-Environment Training.
4/19/21 - Rosary Group, 2:30 PM, Church
4/20/21 - Standardized Testing
4/21/21 - Standardized Testing
4/21/21 - Student Rosary Group (2nd-8th grade), 7:15 AM, Sheltz Hall
4/21/21 - Mass (3B), 9:00 AM, Church - 2nd & 3rd Grade attending
4/22/21 - GALA: 8-2 Religion Class Ice Cream Social
4/22/21 - Standardized Testing
4/22/21 - Spanish Rosary Group, 2:30 PM, Church
4/23/21 - Standardized Testing
4/26/21 - Standardized Testing
4/26/21 - Rosary Group, 2:30 PM, Church
4/26/21 - SPIRIT DAY - Crust Pizza Alden Bridge - ALL DAY
4/27/21 - Standardized Testing
4/28/21 - Standardized Testing
4/28/21 - Student Rosary Group (2nd-8th grade), 7:15 AM, Sheltz Hall
4/28/21 - Mass (7-2), 9:00 AM, Church - 7th grade readers, 1st-3rd attending
4/29/21 - Standardized Testing
4/29/21 - Parent Meeting: Kindergarten (Rising to 1st) - VIRTUAL, 12:45 PM
4/29/21 - Parent Meeting: 3rd Grade (Rising to 4th) - VIRTUAL, 2:15 PM
4/29/21 - Spanish Rosary Group, 2:30 PM, Church
4/30/21 - GALA: 3A Class Camping Party
4/30/21 - GALA: 5A Class Camping Party
4/30/21 - Spirit Shirt & Jeans Day, 7:00 AM
4/30/21 - Parent Meeting: 5th Grade (Rising to 6th) - VIRTUAL, 10:15 AM
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7901 Bay Branch Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77382