May 1, 2020
Dear Parents of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School,
I want to share with you some things that have been happening at the Archdiocesan level. Since Spring Break, all principals meet with the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents and many pastors twice a week. Additionally, I am happy to be serving on an Archdiocesan Committee exploring how to best start the school year and prepare for any possible scenarios. It is exciting to be part of this group researching the best ways to serve our students in all situations.
On a more local level, I am so proud of our teachers who have continued to provide a rigorous, challenging and faith-based education. While many schools are only able to review, our students, with your amazing support, are covering all the TEKS and meeting the standards and objectives for your child’s grade level. While we will take the time needed to assess and fill in gaps next year, we do not expect these gaps to be large. We will meet all of our students where they are and provide any scaffolding and support that is needed to prepare for --- and succeed in --- the next grade level.
We look forward to starting our school year in August. We will have our full faculty/staff in place ready to serve our students and families. We are also excited to expand our Enrichment Program next year, build on our new ELA curricula, continue our support for students through differentiated instruction and learning support while also remaining true to our mission forming disciples of Christ. Thank you for your support as we partner together to make this happen.
Only by His Grace,

Veronica Tucker 
Today is our next Drop-Off/Pick-Up Day. This will be the last pick-up day with May 14th being a final drop-off day. We will follow the same system we have been using ( attached ). If it is raining during this time frame, the Pre-K3 – 3rd grade boxes will be moved to the covered area in front of the Fellowship Hall (normal personal pick-up line area) and 4th – 8th grade would be in the covered area between the gym and the back entrance.

There will be two boxes and a basket per grade level: 
  • One box to drop materials off - Please drop all items you are submitting into the box marked for return work - there is no need to separate by teacher. Please include your Distance Learning Plan (PK3 – 3rd grades) as we will use this for attendance. Teachers will also let you know if they are ready to collect textbooks. This information will come directly from teachers. 
  • One box to pick materials up - Please take the top packet of new material from the box. 

Under the front porch, you will see more boxes:
  • LIBRARY BOOKS BOX - Please place any library books you would like to return in this box.
  • DESIGNATED ANGELS RETURN AREA - Please follow the instructions from Mrs. Gonzalez regarding returning these items.
  • TEACHER APPRECIATION CARDS - Please drop off any cards your child(ren) may have made for Teacher Appreciation Week next week. Thank you!
  • MEDICATION PICK-UP - Mrs. Pavlock will be available to return to our families any medication that may have been left in the clinic. 

After the 8th grade boxes in the back, you will see the following boxes:
  • LIBRARY BOOKS BOX - Please place any library books you would like to return in this box.
  • ATHLETICS UNIFORMS RETURN - Please place any middle school athletics uniforms in this box marked with student’s name.
  • TEACHER APPRECIATION CARDS - Please drop off any cards your child(ren) may have made for Teacher Appreciation Week next week. Thank you!

Flowers for Mary
  • In honor of our month dedicated to Mary, you are invited to drop off a flower to Mary in the piazza. We continue to ask for Mary’s protection of us as we honor her this way.
We are asking families to come at these times to spread out presence on campus. Please make every effort to come at your designated time to help with our mission to promote social distancing.
  • Last Names A – I: 2 pm – 3 pm
  • Last Names J – R: 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Last Names S – Z: 4 pm – 5 pm

Staff will not be outside at this time as we do our best to comply with all CDC recommendations. Parents or students MAY NOT come in the building. We also ask that you comply with the social distancing recommendations of Montgomery County when getting these materials. The National Institute of Health reports that COVID-19 can live up to 24 hours on cardboard. Our teachers will be waiting to review materials until Monday. Please take precautions with the items you pick up as well.
On Monday, you should have received an e-mail from Mr. Scale with the final set of Auxiliary assignments for the year. Also included was a Google form that can be used to submit assignments. This was meant to simplify things. For example, next to Music, can write: “sang songs”, for P.E., can write: “rode bikes”, for Art: “drew picture”, etc. This is a way to submit all information to all teachers in one form. However, if you prefer to continue to submit via e-mail or drop-off days, that is also entirely acceptable. We want our families to use whichever method is easiest for them. I appreciate your patience as we learn through this and try to make things simpler.
Let's celebrate our teachers!
  • Encourage your students to create cards or write notes of appreciation. Drop cards or notes off for your teachers at our next drop-off day this afternoon!
  • Or send virtual greetings to their emails. They would love to see your students!
We are excited to be able to partner with our Parish to continue our May Crowning tradition in a new way. Today (May 1st) during your drop-off/pick-up time, you may bring a flower for Mary and place them around the outdoor statue of Mary in our piazza. Click the image below for event details.
DNN - Live at 8 a.m. at this link!
Pop the popcorn and enjoy the awesome talents of our students. We are so proud of them and all they accomplish!
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How to get your bracelets?
  1. Go to
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  4. Receive your bracelets at home
We know that there are many things weighing on our hearts now. If you want to send in a prayer intention, please do so using this link: Father Tom has said he will keep these intentions in his prayers as we continue to face this difficult time in our world.
To date, over $11,000 has been raised for our new flexible seating options in our classrooms - and you can still participate in funding this project!

We recognize that when students have work space variety in the classroom they are empowered to find the place where they can be the most comfortable, engaged, and productive learners.  Raise the Paddle proceeds will allow teachers to choose flexible seating options that will provide the best classroom learning experience for our students.

Please consider donating to our Raise the Paddle and transform not only classrooms, but lives through education.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Aertker
Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Beatty
Mr. & Mrs. BJ Bergeron
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bierschenk
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Enia
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Cruz
Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo De Aguirre
Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigo De Azevedo
Ms. Erika Diaz
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Filley
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Little
Mrs. Kirstin Lorenzetti
Mr. & Mrs. Troy McAlister
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Naeher
Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Nahigian
Mr. & Mrs. John Ourso
Drs. Jason & Chrissy Piefer
Fr. Tom Rafferty
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Reyes
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Shurman
Mr. & Mrs. David Tressel
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Usner
Ms. Angela Vascellaro
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Velardo
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wetzel
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Whatley
We are beginning to make plans for Paduan Parents Leadership for 2020-2021. Please indicate your interest in volunteer roles at this button below.

Help us welcome new families to our school community and make new friends! You can also earn Paduan Points over the summer! Click the button and select New Family Ambassador if you are interested in this position. We will contact you if we are able to match you with a new family.
Friday, May 1st – Pick-Up / Drop-Off Day @ 2pm – 5pm
  • This will be our third campus pick-up / drop-off day.
  • You will also have the opportunity to drop off a flower to honor our Blessed Mother on the first day of the month dedicated to her.
  • This is also an opportunity to drop-off notes & cards for our teachers for teacher appreciation week.
Friday, May 8th – Mary Day
  • This will be another day in which we concentrate our focus to our faith.
  • On this day, Mr. Cayanan will organize a day full of special events including a Live School Rosary.

Thursday, May 14th – Final Drop-Off Day
  • This will be the last chance to return materials to campus for grading and closing out the year.
Friday, May 15th – Last Day of Live Instruction
  • Last day for assignments to be submitted online and teachers to hold classes.
Monday, May 18th – Thursday, May 21st – Final Week of School
  • Fun Virtual Events including Field Day, Career Day, Step-Up Day, Fine Arts and Awards and more!
Thursday, May 21st – Last Day of School
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