November 2, 2018
Dear St. Anthony of Padua Families,

As Catholics, today we celebrate All Souls Day honoring the dead. We believe that those who have died are cleansed of their sins and able to enter heaven through the prayers of the faithful on Earth. Traditionally, the entire month of November is the Month of Holy Souls as our prayers continue after today. This year, we would like to especially remember those deceased who are held in a special way in the hearts of the St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School community. Please go to this link: and share the names of your beloved deceased. Each morning this month, the students, faculty and staff will pray for these souls, and all the Holy Souls of Purgatory.

Only by His Grace,
Veronica Tucker 
BOOK FAIR - November 10-16
Welcome Lads and Lasses!  We're having an Enchanted Forest Book Fair, where we can wonder into a whimsical forest of books waiting to be opened and read. Can we sprinkle some magic fairy dust inviting you to help for a short time? If you can contribute a little of your time, it would be very much appreciated! Classes visit the book fair throughout the week.

We are seeking volunteers to assist with this week! During your shift, you will help children make their Wish Lists and purchases. We are also seeking volunteers to help with set-up and take-down!  All volunteers must be VIRTUS-certified. Thank you for your help!

An important part of building responsibility in children is allowing them to experience logical and natural consequences. Per our Family Handbook and in partnership with us in teaching these important life skills, we ask that you do not bring forgotten items to school. A lunch will be provided for students who forget to bring their lunch to school. Classrooms will not be interrupted to deliver messages or items to students unless it is a medical or family emergency. The office staff is not responsible for calling classrooms, emailing teachers, or delivering forgotten lunches, homework, snacks, etc. Students may check the drop off table to see if something has been left for them. As parents, we recognize this can be a difficult thing to ask as it is tempting to come to the rescue. We also know that it can be hard to teach the natural consequence. Like you, we love your children and want them to grow in all areas including the areas of independence and responsibility. Thank you for partnering with us in allowing this growth to occur. 
From 10/26/18 to 11/1/18:

10/31/18 | 6B | Pneumonia
Our Admin Team Rocks (Paper, Scissors)!
5th Grade : Sarah Boyd, Ava Coomes, Joy Domitrovic, Anderson Dufrene, Laura Hill, Natalia Lorenzetti, Sabrina Munguia, Nicolette Naeher, Lia Nelli, Bryer Peik, Ethan Rivers, Camille Roblesgil, Benjamin Ross, Peter Tamas

6th Grade: Anna Bong, Sofi De Aguirre, Jimena de la Maza, Tommy Laher, Colin Leahey, Shantalle Muakum, Jessica Olsen, Daniel Robbins, Luke Tucker, Anna Claire Usner
7th Grade: Megan Brady, Josie Domitrovic, Ben Fedoruk, Sophie Kratter, David Nelli, Annie Perry, Kathryn Vieceli
8th Grade: Rebeca Amparan, Jordan Booth, James Dickinson, Collin Dufrene, Martina Lease, Marianna Munguia, Ted Naeher, Emily Perry, Christopher Poisler, Michael Sibille

6th Grade: Audrey Bitting, Madeline Bitting, Ana Del Angel Aguilar, Addie Leddy, Molly Miller, Madeline McCollor, Sofi Miravete, Agustin Mora, Clare Strecker
7th Grade: Alfredo Amparan, Autumn Brister, Ingrid Buchwald, Brendan Felicidario, Alondra Martinez, Bella Pellegrino, Rachel Rodriguez
8th Grade: Ben Burch, Nathan Doiron, Hannah Dompnier, Avery Hansen, MaryKatherine Kloesel, Jackson Knower, Jorge Martinez, Sofia Ocejo, Eric Rivers, Bernie Roblesgil, Tiffany Twellman

1st Grade: Bromley Maurac, Lindsey Twellman, Layla Blaschke, Luke Mattern
2nd Grade: Stella Greenleaf, Jemma Sullivan, Ellison Wilson
3rd Grade: Ethan Blaschke, Emilio Ibrahim, Clare McKenna, Nicolas Velardo
4th Grade: Addyson Hansen, Tate LeMaster, Sydney Tajong, Hannah Cook-Norris
5th Grade: Nicolette Naeher, Bryer Peik, Riley Martin, Barrett LeMaster 
6th Grade: Jaden Leddy, Maddie Bitting, Colin Leahey, Clare Strecker
7th Grade: Autumn Brister, Marko Krstulovic Opara, Megan Brady, David Nelli
8th Grade: Martina Lease, James Dickinson, Jordan Booth

1st Grade: Jack Held, Camilla Mims, Ava Walker, Jorge Gomez
2nd Grade: Jane Rosas, Mary Zion, Andrea Navarro, Olivia Dykes
3rd Grade: Amelie Hernandez-Parks, Michael Vacek, Fernanda Yepiz, Gavin Stamps 
4th Grade: Nathan Coon, Madison Vacek, Sarah Fedoruk, Joshua Beatty
5th Grade: Lia Nelli, Peter Tamas, Natalia Lorenzetti, Joaquin Hernandez-Parks 
6th Grade: Jimena de la Maza, Isa Perez, Alex Reynaud, Melina Doucet
7th Grade: Annie Perry, Ben Fedoruk, Brendan Felicidario, Mary Kate Kalke
8th Grade: Ted Naeher, Bernie Roblesgil, Marianna Munguia

1st Grade: Nathan Mullis, Sofia Rubio, Noah Brennan, Alan Aertker 
2nd Grade: Joshua Munoz-Ellenor, Arabella Cook-Norris, George Tamas 
3rd Grade: Maren Held, Aubrey Smith, Jordi Meinelt, Karl Frankovitch
4th Grade: Nicole Olsen, Camilla Congdon, Madeleine Girotto
5th Grade: Sofia Cruz, Ryan Schmittauer, Joseph Hinkle, Izzy Brumfield
6th Grade: Brooke Larkin, Daniel Robbins, Anna Bong, Luke Tucker
7th Grade: Jess Bazaldua, Pablo Guzman, Kathryn Vieceli, Graham Perkins
8th Grade: Michael Sanchez Leon, Eric Rivers, Lillian Wingate
2nd Grade - Marissa Ekwue, George Tamas, Arabella Cook-Norris, Charlotte Belhumeur, Jemma Sullivan, Gabriel Garcia
3rd Grade - Bella Nguyen, Connor Coscio, Sammy White, Hannah Brumfield, Michael Vacek
4th Grade - Jacob Dickinson, Madeleine Girotto
5th Grade - Riley Martin, Nicolette Naeher
1st - 3rd Grade: Santiago Amparan, Bromley Maurac, Dylan Ferguson, Mason Osborne, Lelis Schubert, Julian White, Olivia Dykes, Jemma Sullivan, Addy Gregory, Jayden Salinas, Molly Castillo, Kallie Dickey, Pendleton Minor, Karl Frankovich

4th - 8th Grade: Ty Heuring, Cecilia Amparan, Joy Domitrovic, Izzy Brumfield, Molly Miller, Rachael Rodriquez, Megan Brady, Ted Naeher, Michael Mitchener
By Janay O'Connor
November greetings to all! After an action packed September and October, we transition quietly into November, as we prepare to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. The character trait for November is Caring (Compassion & Generosity). Caring means to be kind and compassionate. It also means expressing gratitude, forgiving others and helping people in need. The social skills for November are “How to greet others and introduce yourself”, “How to follow directions.”

November Highlights
  • Many of the Catholic High Schools are hosting an Open House in November and December. All 7th and 8th graders who are interested in applying to a Catholic High School should consider attending. Please visit the high school’s websites for dates and times of their open house.
  • Eighth graders who are interested in applying to the Catholic high schools should start working on their applications. Teachers will begin filling out recommendation forms in late November. Please contact Mrs. O'Connor if you have any questions.
  • #DolphinDonorDay (Nov. 14th) is a 24-hr. fundraising event designed to encourage all alumni, faculty, parents, and friends to support the Fund for St. Anthony!
  • On Dolphin Donor Day, generous benefactors will match all gifts up to $27,000 - DOUBLING your donation. If your company matches your gift you can even triple your donation! See a list of employers that will match your donation.
  • Gifts of $3,000 or more will receive a table for 10 at this year's Mardi Gras Ball!
  • Each family that makes a gift to the Fund for St. Anthony earns 5 Paduan Points!
  • TWO classes with the HIGHEST participation in the Fund for St. Anthony by the end of #DolphinDonorDay will receive a PJs & Pizza Day for their classroom!
  • Don't want to forget? Click the button to make a gift or pledge today!
NOVEMBER 16, 2018 | 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
On Grandparents and Grandfriends Day, grandparents will spend time enjoying morning refreshments, visiting our book fair, participating in classroom activities, and attending Mass with their favorite students. Students will dismiss at noon to enjoy the rest of the day with their grandparents. We are seeking a few parent volunteers to assist us on Grandparents Day. Please click the sign-up genius to help.
3240 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, TX 77388
 Palava features a laser tag, 3D black light mini golf, a 4-level play structure, a toddler play area, an arcade, and a lovely Cafe. A great place to visit with your Grandparents after our noon dismissal! 20% of register sales will be donated back to St. Anthony if you mention our Spirit Day!

  • Nov. 13th, All Day: The Republic Grille - West Woodlands, 30340 FM 2978 Rd #800, Magnolia, TX 77354
  • Nov. 16th, All Day: Palava Family Entertainment, 3240 Spring Cypress Road, Spring, TX 77388
11/05/2018: 8:15 a.m., STAOPCS Rosary
11/07/2018: 9 a.m., Mass (4B)
11/08/2018: 2:30 p.m., STAOPCS Rosary (in Spanish)
11/10/2018: Book Fair - Open After All Masses
11/11/2018: Book Fair - Open After All Masses
11/12/2018: 7:40 a.m. - 4 p.m., Book Fair
11/12/2018: 8:15 a.m., STAOPCS Rosary
11/13/2018: 7:40 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Book Fair (Family Event 3:45 - 4:30 p.m.)
11/13/2018: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m., SPIRIT DAY, The Republic Grill West Woodlands
11/14/2018: Dolphin Donor Day, 24-hr Day of Giving
11/14/2018: 7:40 a.m. - 4 p.m., Book Fair
11/15/2018: 7:40 a.m. - 4 p.m., Book Fair
11/15/2018: 8:15 a.m., Saints Trivia Bee
11/15/2018: 7 p.m., 3rd Grade Program, Book Fair Open after Program
11/16/2018: 2:30 p.m., STAOPCS Rosary (in Spanish)
11/16/2018: 8 a.m., Grandparents Day
11/16/2018: 8 - 10 a.m., Book Fair
11/16/2018: 10:45 a.m., Mass

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Thank you to all of our "Early Birds"! We already have 79 team members for the Feb. 16th race - well on our way towards our goal of 200 team members! Stay tuned for more fun surrounding Steps for Students as the date draws closer.

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