September 2019
Dave Brooker and Russell Jarvis
A New Chapter for UA
Urban Alliance is beginning a new chapter in preparation for our next season of growth and development.

Dave Brooker has announced that he is retiring from Urban Alliance (UA) after 11 years of serving as President and CEO. Brooker will continue to serve on UA’s Board of Directors through the end of 2019. Although his roles in the organization are changing, Dave will continue to support UA.

“I am enthusiastic about the opportunity for new development at UA and will continue to stay involved in advancing UA’s mission in the community through the roles of UA founder and donor,” shared Brooker.

In conjunction with this transition, UA’s Board of Directors has also elected  Russell Jarvis  as the organization’s new President and CEO. Jarvis was a part of UA’s founding team with Brooker in 2008 and has provided ongoing...
Podcast Episode 3:
A Pathway to Permanency  

We sat down with Sherry and Stephen Danalis to learn more about their non-profit organization, Families United Serving and Embracing (F.U.S.E.) , how it is reaching young women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies and homelessness, and how Urban Alliance is helping strengthen their programs.

In case you missed it:
We sat down with Urban Alliance team member   Angela Colantonio   to talk more about our community's health needs and some of the ways that we are working with programs to address them.
Don't Worry, We Won't Quiz You!
We get it. You've heard about UA (and if we're lucky, you like us, too!) but aren't exactly sure what we do. Or, maybe you know a whole lot about some of our work but want to learn more about the rest.

Vantage Point is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Learn about UA, what makes us unique and how you can partner with us at our next 30-minute  Vantage Point  on October 2 at Urban Alliance.

Two times to choose from:
12:15-12:45pm -or- 5:45-6:15pm

Vantage Point is not a fundraiser.
network news
UA Network Connects Thousands to Community Resources
Did you know? UA provides programs with training and toolkits to implement a community health outreach in Hartford to connect people to free and low-cost services that improve physical health and wellness. 

Over the summer, churches and organizations in the UA network distributed nearly 14,000 Revitalize resource bags, each containing information about free/low-cost health resources, community programs, and a $5 coupon for fresh Hartford farmers market produce.

This year, UA partnered with six Hartford farmers markets, where 1,208 coupons were redeemed in June and July, to purchase $5,900 in fruits and vegetables.
Featured Program
Development Opportunity
Your church or organization can develop stronger community programs  with Urban Alliance support through this opportunity:

UA provides grant funding and consultation for programs to offer more
in-depth learning and ongoing support opportunities that help people apply knowledge and skills needed to sustain positive life changes. 

A class is a group of people interested in learning about an identified topic. A support group is a group of people with a common experience or struggle that meets regularly to provide ...
donor news
Running the Distance to
Make a Difference
"I wasn't always a marathon runner.
In fact, the only reason I ran the local Thanksgiving 5K was because my pastor and friend had open heart surgery and couldn't run. He'd already registered, so he asked me to run for him and I said "yes," without hesitation. The next thing I knew, I was at the start line of a race that I was not prepared for. Now, over 10 years later, I'd like to run my first marathon to raise money for people to have help and hope for a positive future. Will you make a donation to help make that possible?"

Through UAGive, 100% of your gift will go towards helping people experience hope, get the help they seek and achieve positive transformation in their lives.
Join the Club!
"Leveraging strengths to change lives" 
isn't just a tagline around here. We know from experience that many hands make light work.

The Leverage Club at Urban Alliance is designed for people who look at their donations as investments toward a brighter future for our communities.

Leverage Club members receive: 

✔️quarterly updates and an annual report

✔️invitations to private events

✔️an opportunity to sit in on 1 UA training

✔️an opportunity to sit in on 1 UA learning community meeting
volunteer news
Opportunities to Help Strengthen Local Early Childhood Program
"The Kid’s Fair was a success. The postings on Facebook and Instagram got a lot of views. God brought the families and miraculously, we were able to engage with almost every person! So excited that I could help!" - Jennifer Garcia, UAServe volunteer (social media assistant)

Several opportunities are available to help strengthen a local early childhood program's 8-week workshop that p rovides parents and caregivers with knowledge and skills related to enhancing their young child’s brain development.

Urgent Need: After-School Program Volunteers
UA supports churches and organizations in our network through our five initiatives, with convening, training, toolkits, consultation, grants, supplies and volunteers to build stronger programs in the community.

Currently, there is an urgent need for: