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August 23 | Issue 2
Support Students on their Education Pathway
Did you know that every student in Washington starts a High School and Beyond Plan in middle school? Students then use the Plan process to explore potential career interests, take relevant courses, and plan for postsecondary education or training. Learn more about the Plan, which is a graduation requirement, and how you can support students to get the most out of it with resources from Ready Washington : .
Rule-making on Graduation Requirements
Legislation enacted in recent years requires amendments to existing rules on high school graduation requirements as well as the creation of new rules. SBE is restructuring Chapter 180-51 WAC to align with current statute and provide greater clarity.

Read more in the full Rule-making on Graduation Requirements announcement and register for the webinar on the topic in the upcoming events section below.
People standing in election line
Board Elections Announced
The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) recently announced the opening of State Board of Education elections.

Current open positions on the ballot:
  • Eastern Region Position 1
  • Western Region Position 3
  • Private School Representative (statewide)

Read more about the election process on the News section of our website. Find out about the specific regions on our SBE elections FAQ page .
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