JULY 12, 2020
Minister's Message
Beloved Ones,

I am excited to share that our guest speaker this week will be our own Sandra Cavanaugh! Sandra is an amazing, talented woman! Here is a bit about her:

An expert in the field of creativity, imagination, and innovation, Sandra Cavanaugh coaches and mentors people of all ages and abilities to realize and express their own unique creative genius.

Sandra is an award winning, 35 year veteran of the entertainment industry as a Writer, Director, Actress, Producer, Filmmaker, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Artistic Director, and Educator.

As the very proud mother of four daughters, three of whom are adoption miracles, Sandra’s personal journey has also made her a fierce advocate for children in foster care, adoption, children’s mental health, FASD, Autism, and creativity in education. 

Sandra is the author of the upcoming book SPONTANEOUS BRILLIANCE, which embodies a playful and deceptively simple perspective on the intersection between creativity, spirituality, and personal responsibility. She is passionately committed to changing the way we think about creating, living, learning, and even the way we think about thinking!

Please join us Sunday to hear Sandra speak either live in person or via Facebook Live. See you there!

Rev. Jackie Holland
Spiritual Leader

"I turn in thought to all the nations of the earth and awaken in them to the realization that there is Good enough to go around, that there is a Divine Government under which they all may be protected from the fear of each other." from "Living the Science of Mind"

-Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Religious Science
Musical Artist this Sunday!
Lisa Bittick

Lisa Bittick is an Idaho native who performs in various bands around the Treasure Valley, and as a soloist. She is a vocalist and a multi-instrumentalist including piano, violin, mandolin and bass to name a few. We look forward to seeing Lisa exhibit her many talents this Sunday!
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'Share' helps support CSL Boise

Living in this digital age offers us quite the learning curve. In this pandemic, you may wonder how you may still support your spiritual home that you love. Here is a list of some suggestions to digitally share our spiritual home with those who may never be exposed to CSL Boise otherwise.

  • Share our videos of Sunday Service or the daily meditations to your personal Facebook page
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We miss you all! Using these 'sharing' tips can help us stay connected and GROW our community!
Sunday Service
We Want to Feature YOU!

This pandemic has been rough on everyone, some more than others. Keeping apart from one another has been very difficult and so many people are feeling isolated. We want our CSL community to remain connected.

So we want to feature YOU, CSL congregants, in this 'Congregant Corner'. What have you been doing to keep busy in this pandemic/shelter in place? What came up for you? What did you discover about yourself or your surroundings? (sadly, we have no pictures or admissions this week!)

We want want to feature YOU here! Please e-mail us your pictures, articles, poems, songs, baking creations, stories, family time, travel, etc. to

Note: Please keep content to 250 words or less, no politics and submissions may be edited for content. THANKS!
CSL's New Facilities Director
Beth Ambrose is the new Facilities Director at CSL. She is looking for volunteers, either people with experience (skilled) or people who would just like to help (people with good hearts).  Some of these tasks will be large and some much smaller. The church really needs our help and we are grateful for any service you can give to your spiritual home. So if you have an hour or have more time these are the areas:
facilities tools clean up
Painting - inside and out
General repairs
Sprinkler repair
Grass removal - using a sod cutter
Putting rocks where all grass is
Parking lot repair - bigger job
Minor construction jobs 
Window washing and other cleaning when the pandemic is over
Thank you for your consciousness and support of the CSL Boise!
If you are interested, or require more information, please email Beth at: 
Upcoming Events
generic men's group
The prayer team is awaiting your prayer request! We invite you to reach out to us !
Prayer of the Week
“We have thought that outside things controlled, where all the time we have had that within that could have changed everything and everything and given us freedom from bondage.“ Ernest Holmes

There is one Source of all life, intelligence, power and love. This is an eternal, intimate creative energy surrounding and moving throughout it's creation.

This same creative, infinite life giving Spirit exists within every living thing, each and every person reading this prayer.

From this place of oneness we now affirm that through our belief we will bring unity, love and justice. Change is coming. We will bring this change with our consciousness, one of love, acknowledging our connection with all of humanity.
With gratitude for the truth of our word, let us release the word unto the law, knowing it is already done. 

And So It Is!

Jo Hughes, RScP
The CSL Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that we have re-opened our Center for assembly gathering. Please join us at 10:30 am at 10464 W. Garverdale Court, Boise, ID.

It's a phased approach, so our building and service won't look like it was the last time you were here. We will be following the guidelines set forth by the CDC, State of Idaho, City of Boise and our insurance carrier.

We have been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 numbers in Boise and throughout our state and we feel confident that this is the time to come back together in our building for Sunday Services. We are exploring re-opening timelines for the other activities that take place in our building and will be releasing information on that very soon.

Our number one priority remains the safety and health of our entire congregation. We ask that if you aren't feeling well, please stay home and watch the service on Facebook Live. If you aren't comfortable being around other people yet, we completely understand and support you in your decision to stay home and watch the service on Facebook Live or the video later in the day.

What you need to know for Sunday Service during the Pandemic era: CLICK HERE

We know how difficult and oddly strange it is following these new mandated rules and processes. They are designed to keep us ALL safe and healthy and eventually, they may slowly be lifted.  Please join us this Sunday if you feel called to come to church in the building. (Because we know church is everywhere!) We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces and sharing in your wonderful energy in our Sanctuary once again!
Special thanks to Rex Miller and all of the musicians who continue to support the CSL during this time! 

To find out more, and to help support our musicians during these difficult times, please click on the links to our beloved Musician's Websites.
Center for Spiritual Living Boise

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Reverend Jackie Holland, Senior Minister